Indonesian Film Director, Joko Anwar

When viewed in terms of the quality of the Indonesian film industry, of course still so far when compared with the quality and dominance of American films dominated by Hollywood. The Hollywood film is still one of America’s largest soft power companies to show its existence that through the power of film, the world can see how America as a superpower spread its propaganda amidst global competition in today’s era.

However, Indonesian films do not remain silent to see so massive Hollywood movies dominate the homeland, in the right director is not impossible Indonesia will slowly replace Hollywood domination with quality films from Indonesia. The hope began to appear when one of the sons of the nation who wrestle in the world of film has long since started to become the world’s attention. Who does not know the famous Indonesian director Joko Anwar? The man who was born 41 years ago is now the center of the world’s attention with the work he has made in accordance with the passion and field that he intended for many years. Growing up and flowering in a conducive area makes Joko try to run from life by watching a movie at the cinema. From there arises emerging ideals to become a filmmaker.

Joko Anwar when attending JAFF 2015

Now the spirit and interest in the world of the film become a special attention for movie lovers in Indonesia and the world. Satan’s Slave, one of the masterpieces made by Joko Anwar has been Success to become the best-selling film in 2017, and now the film will broadcast in 42 countries around the world. Joko Anwar also feel proud of the achievements of the film that he directed it.

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Best-seller film by joko anwar, Satan’s Slave

Out of 42 countries, the film starring Indonesia’s prominent female actor Ayu Laksmi who plays the role of “mother” in the Satan’s Slave film is already broadcast in eight countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Spain. “And already broadcast in eight countries, next week will be broadcast in Thailand, following Taiwan and Spain,” said the man’s stout body. Joko explains every country is free to adjust the horror movie to the needs of the audience including the decision to create a subtitle or dubbing. “For films distributed to other countries of interest for promotions, trailers, and so on they will make themselves, they can be modified from what we have and they make themselves,” explained Joko.

A collection of films by Joko Anwar

Among these countries, Thailand has become a country that uses dubbing on the Satan’s Slave film show. “Including the decision of the film was sub-or dubb, Thailand was dubbed yesterday, if Spain knows I’m in the trailer, they use the native language, so far the dubbing only in Thailand,” said Joko. “Because in Thailand everything is dubbed, meaning Hollywood movies are also dubbed there,” he added.
Joko Anwar’s success was not achieved easily. So much of a struggle by the director of ‘Devil Servant’ is to realize his dream. Various winding roads through Joko to realize his ideals. But the man born in Medan was not discouraged and then turn the brain so that his dreams do not disappear. Slowly his dream began to come true. Beginning with screenwriter until finally trusted to direct a film. Currently, he has a lot of work who produce.
Although judged as one of the successful directors, but his humility does not fade will sparkle the success he achieved. Do not hesitate he shared knowledge that he knew that his achievements can be imitated by everyone, tips that he gave are:

1. Creative, if creative will be able to create a unique work. If we can make a unique work, we will not be replaced.

2. Often looking for ideas, to get an idea, Joko often read the news. By reading the news, our brains take an attitude toward the news, agree or not. That way we train open the mind so that spur creativity.

3. Refused to make a cliche and easy work

4. Learn to accept advice

5. Hear people’s suggestions. But do not wear them all, only those that fit with us.

6. Do not be instant

7. Think like a child
If thinking like a child, can cause ideas to the unthinkable. And not afraid of ideas.

8. Make with heart
Money becomes a big temptation in the creative industry. If it is tempted will be difficult to do good work with heart

Source: Tribunnews


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