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In every country in modern civilization must have institutions that manage finances for the economic activity. These institutions are usually referred to as Banks. Basically, the function of a bank is as a financial intermediary. Funds in the community (surplus units) are collected and then distributed to the community (individuals and companies) in need (deficit units). Here the Bank serves as a financial institution that serves to connect the parties who have surplus funds (units surplus) with the parties who need funds (unit deficit).

The basic function of a commercial bank is in line with the bank’s definition, which plays the role of collecting funds from the community and channeling them back to the community or real sector, or the business world that requires it. In Indonesia, the authority of financial institutions with special authority in producing and distributing money in paper and metal form is Bank Indonesia (BI).

As a form of dedication and professionalism of Bank Indonesia in managing the state finances, Bank Indonesia was able to prove by achieving the achievement in Contact Center World-APAC Award 2018.

The annual competition that brings together the best contact center practitioners from the Asia-Pacific countries is held in Macau, July 16-20, 2018.
Head of the BI Communication Department, Agusman, said on Wednesday (24/7/2018) that Bank Indonesia has proven its commitment to provide the best service and solutions to become the best contact center.

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“In addition to taking home awards for individual and corporate categories, Bank Indonesia earned recognition award for Dream Team category for its progressive achievement,” he said.

Of the total 13 categories, Bank Indonesia won 6 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze and 1 runner-up.
“Contact Center BI is a part of Public Information Service (LIP) that can be utilized by the community to know the functions and tasks of BI as Law No.14 of 2008 on Public Information Transparency,” said Agusman.

Medal of Appreciation to Bank Indonesia in Contact Center World-APAC Award 2018.

With this award, Bank Indonesia’s contact center is expected to become more and more equal to other institutions in the world, as well as to provide the best services for the people of Indonesia.
The following are the awards received by Bank Indonesia:

Gold Medal
1. Best Contact Center
2. Best Direct Response Campaign
3. Best in Customer Service
4. Best Contact Center Trainer
5. Best Analyst
6. Best Contact Center Professional Support – Workforce Planning

Silver Medal
1. Best Community Spirit
2. Best Public Services Center
3. Best Helpdesk
4. Best Customer Service Professional

Bronze Medal
1. Best Contact Center Design
2. Best Outsourcing Partnership

Runner Up 1
1. Best Use of Social Media in the Contact Center



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