Music is the language of the world, perhaps this term that brings Indonesian students to talk to the world that Indonesia has great potential in assembling chords that become a unity of harmony. Indonesia represented by SMAN 47 Jakarta performed brilliantly at the 9th Isola Del Sole international event held in the City of Grado, Italy, which took place from September 26-30 2018. This event was organized by INTERKULTURE, a well-known organization that held choir and festival competitions since 1998 with the mission of bringing together participants from all parts of the world and culture with a peaceful and ‘fair’ competition that can inspire all people to the unity of togetherness and unity through mutual praise.

Fabavossa Youth Choir from Indonesia won 2 gold medals in the 9th Isola del Sole international choir competition – International Choir Competition and Festival which was held on September 26-30 2018 in Grado, Italy.

The SMAN 47 Jakarta Choir, Fabavossa Youth Choir, successfully won two gold medals in two categories, the first in the Folklore category, then won the second gold medal in the Youth Choirs of Mixed Voices category. The school does mandate the students who are members of the choir to bring Indonesia’s name to the world.

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The Indonesian choir team carries the theme of the Nusantara Culture by displaying a variety of traditional Nusantara clothing, one of which is the Toraja Traditional Clothing. Toraja Customary Clothing is worn by two members of the Indonesian Choir which is also the original daughter of Toraja. Both were Juan Fidel Ferdani (Son of Mr. Dahsan Markus, Head of the Regional Administration of Tana Toraja in Jakarta) and Nadia Lande (Daughter of Syila Kala Lande and Lia Duma, grandson of the late Pastor Duma).
Both Toraja Children who represented Indonesia in the International Level Choir Competition in Milan Italy attended 47 Jakarta High School and were selected to be included in the Choir team after attending a rigorous selection in Jakarta.

Lia Duma, one of the parents who accompanied the Indonesian Choir Competition Team said that every participant who participated in the culture of their region included two children who brought Toraja culture.
Previously, Indonesian choir teams from various schools in Indonesia had already made achievements at different events but in the same type of competition, one of them from ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) which successfully won a gold medal at the 2018 International Choral Singing Competition 2018 at Italy and the Hassanudin Makassar University which also appeared stunning at the Tshwane 2018 World Choir Games in South Africa.



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