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Achievement and ability possessed by someone does not look at any background, as long as they has the will and tries hard to get what they wants, of course, achievements and awards are the appropriate results. Like the kid of a pedicab driver, who managed to prove to the country and the world that he was able to win a gold medal in the 2018 Asia Science Expo championship in South Korea. The championship which took place on 17-23 October 2018 was then held by Inha Hwang. He is Anton Hendra Kusuma, a young man from Kromengan Village, Malang Regency.

His background, which was only the son of a pedicab driver, did not make him insecure and even triggered his motivation to be able to boast of his family. Initially Anton took part in the activity in South Korea when he received guidance and information from his teacher at the school. Students of class XII MIPA 7 of SMA N 1 Kepanjen then made a tool since last January 2018. Before participating in the championship, he must first take part in national selection. After being declared qualified, he was sent to South Korea.

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The 2018 Asia Science Expo is attended by various countries. Each country representative showed their findings. For those who get high attention, participants will get a gold medal. One of them is Anton. Anton made a tool inspired by Putri Malu plants. The tool he created was very useful for the initial signs when there were tornado natural disasters. Anton called the tool a Tornado Detector System.

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“I examined the analogy of Putri Malu. When touched the leaves are closed. Then I implemented the analogy to the Tornado Detector System tool concept, “Anton said.

When was exhibited in South Korea, the tool was a serious concern for the judges and guests. Anton explained, the way the tool works is to detect the speed of the incoming wind. When the wind comes at high speed, the detector will automatically close. This indicates the potential for a tornado to occur.
“Can close when hit by danger wind speed, like Princess Malu,” he said. In addition, the tool also maximizes the aerodynamic concept. The tool was even commented on by the International Movement for Leisure activities in Science and Technology so that the tool was developed for the progress of the Indonesian state.

Even Anton hopes that the development of the tool can later be used as a hydropower plant. So the tool doesn’t just detect tornadoes.
In the Expo, followed by representatives from various countries. Each country representative showed their findings. For those who get high attention, participants will get a gold medal.

“The uniqueness of my tool is because of the analysis and depth of research. Besides that, there are also presentation skills in English, “he stressed.
Anton is grateful to all those who have supported him, especially his parents who have worked hard to deliver him to become a successful child.
Anton also wants more achievements from Indonesian children in the international event in the future.



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