Similar to the 2018 Asian Games, Indonesia now surpassed the gold target after the fifth day of the Asian Para Games event held Indonesia bought 15 gold at the same time which made Indonesia strong in 5th position in the medal acquisition standings. With this Indonesia succeeded in exceeding the target which previously only targeted 16 gold and now Indonesia managed to collect 23 gold. In addition to 23 gold, Indonesia has also produced 29 silver and 31 bronze.

Indonesia only won 1 (one) gold at the 1st Asian Para Games in Guangzhou, China in 2010. The number increased to 9 (nine) gold at the second Asian Para Games in Incheon, South Korea in 2014. Menpora Imam Nahrawi also hope that the success achieved by Indonesia at the 2018 Asian Para Games makes people no longer underestimate people with disabilities. Evidently, they are also able to make achievements that are not necessarily able to be achieved by normal people normally.

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The Menpora is optimistic that the amount of Indonesian gold can continue to grow considering that there are still many numbers that will be contested in the remaining days of the event. Moreover, there are many results that have exceeded the target.

Athletes who won gold on the fifth day of the 2018 Asian Para Games were:

– Kharisma Evi Tiarani (T42 / 63 Women’s 100m Run)
– Putri Aulia (T13 Women’s 100m Running)

Table tennis
– M. Riah Prahasta / Suwarti (Mixed Doubles Class 6-8)
– Agus Sutanto / Tatok Hardiyanto (TT Men’s Double 4-5)
– David Jacobs / Komet Akbar (Men’s Double TT 10)

– Carsidi, Edy Suryanto, Hendy Wirawan (Classical Men’s Team VI – B2 / B3)
– Hendy Wirawan (Classic Male Singles VI – B2 / B3)
– Debi Ariesta, Tati Karhati, Wilma Margaretha Sinaga (Classical VI Women’s Team – B1)
– Debi Ariesta (Classic VI Women’s Singles – B1)
– Nasip Farta Simanja, Roslina, Yuni (Classical Women’s Team VI – P1)
– Nasip Farta Simanja (Classic VI-P1 Women’s Singles)

Lawn bowl
– Mella Windasari (Individual B6)
– Dwi Widiantoro (Individual Open B1)
– Suwondo (Individual Open B4)
– Julia Verawati (Individual Open B2)

Chair of Indonesia Asian Para Games 2018 Organizing Committee (Inapgoc) Raja Sapta Oktohari hopes that with this achievement, the Indonesian people can continue to provide full support for the struggle of Indonesian athletes at the 2018 Asian Para Games.

Okto also hopes that the athletes who are still struggling are also increasingly motivated to continue to increase the Indonesian gold medal coffers until the 2018 Asian Para Games are finished. “Hopefully more people will want to support APG 2018 so that the athletes can be more enthusiastic to add more medals,” Okto said.

Asian Para Games 2018 fifth day medal acquisition standings



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