Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, joined by Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump, presents a certificate to 2018 'TIP Report Hero' Maizidah Salas of Indonesia. Maizidah Salas is one of ten individuals from around the world who was recognized for her efforts to fight against human trafficking, at the U.S. Department of State on June 28, 2018. (State Department photo/ Public Domain)

Having a traumatic past experience does not make the former Indonesian worker desperate to rise to a better person. She is Maizidah Salas, one of the victims of human trafficking experienced in her teenage. The bitter past experience of making this veiled woman helps victims who have the same experience as her past by building a Migrant Village in Wonosobo with the aim that the victims of trafficking will rise up, even succeed in the future. In addition, she also provided legal assistance and carried out trauma recovery efforts for the victims.

For this dedication, the United States government gave an honorary award in the 2018 Report Heroes Trafficking In Person (TIP), which was presented directly by the United States Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo accompanied by the Presidential Advisory Council on Trafficking in Persons who are also Daughters of US President Donald Trump, namely Ivanka Trump, in Washington DC, June 28, 2018.

Maizidah and her colleagues from the Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Union actively conducted efforts to prevent human trafficking by providing education to schools, conducting socialization to the village community, making modules, Maizidah said. In fact, she helped draft the Law on Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers until the revision of the law was made.

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“We also assist trafficking victims, both when they are in the process of recovery and legal assistance. We also assist trafficking victims in terms of economic empowerment. So I accompany those who have already received IOM’s economic reintegration assistance for their financial management, “Maizidah said.

This was conveyed during the Report Heroes Reception and Award Ceremony “Trafficking In Persons” with US Ambassador Joseph R. Donovan, at the residence of the US Ambassador in Jakarta on Tuesday. September 4.

According to her, with the existence of the Migrant Village, it was proven to reduce the interest of Wonosobo residents especially to become migrant workers, because they already have jobs or have activities that are productive enough to make money.

Maizidah Salas a pioneer of Migrant Village in Wonosobo, Central Java

With this award, Maizidah hopes to inspire many people to dare to fight the crime of trafficking in persons, and for the victims, especially he advised that they could rise from adversity, learn from experience and fight for others so that the person can survive and move on.

On the same occasion, US Ambassador Joseph R. Donovan said, Maizidah was indeed worthy to get the award for all his struggles.

With what Maizidah did, according to Donovan, it could increase awareness and awareness of all parties to prevent human trafficking and protect victims.

“He received an award that he really deserved, given by Pompeo’s Foreign Minister and Ivanka Trump. And Ms. Maizidah has worked tirelessly to provide empowerment for workers, Indonesian workers, and to increase awareness, on human trafficking or human trafficking, and she is an example or role model for all of us, “Donovan said.

In addition, he also appreciated the Indonesian Government’s efforts to combat human trafficking. According to him, cooperation from all parties is needed so that this does not happen again. Donovan also ensures that in the future his party is committed to always fighting human trafficking.

“And we also praise the efforts made by the Indonesian Government, to raise awareness, to capture and process traffickers, as well as protect victims of trafficking. And the United States continues to be committed to working with our partners to combat human trafficking or human trafficking, “Donovan said.



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