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There’s something unique at the opening of the World Economic Forum on ASEAN at the National Convention Center in Hanoi, Vietnam on Wednesday 12/09/2018. Indonesian President Joko Widodo initiated the opening of the forum by raising global economic issues by likening the current global economic conditions such as the American Hollywood film “the avenger”.

President Joko Widodo delivered his speech at the opening of the World Economic Forum on ASEAN at the National Convention Center in Hanoi, Vietnam, Wednesday (12/9).

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) quoted one of the avenger movie’s antagonists Thanos as one of the factors that wanted to monopolize the world economy by trying to eliminate half the world’s population. Thanos did that on the grounds that the resources of the earth were limited so that some of the population needed to be eliminated for the welfare of those who survived.

Many think that Thanos referred to in the opening speech by Joko Widodo was the United States, which is currently the country with the world’s largest economy, the United States (US) which is currently in a trade dispute with some of its main trading partner countries, such as China, Canada, and the European Union. US President Donald Trump even threatened to impose import tariffs on all Chinese products entering his country.

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Who is Thanos? Thanos (I mean) is not an individual. Sorry for making you disappointed, “Jokowi said with a smile that greeted laughter and applause from the audience, including Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. “Thanos is in all of us. Thanos is the wrong understanding that to succeed, other people must give up,” he said. “It is a false perception that the success of a group of people is a failure for others.” Thus, said Jokowi, Infinity War is not only about trade war but about how all parties learn from history. With creativity, collaborative energy and collaboration, humanity will enjoy abundant and unlimited resources, not endless war, he said.

To deal with “Thanos” President Jokowi already has its own strategy, namely by synergizing with human resources, especially young generation. At present these young generation are driving the transformation of e-Commerce and the digital economy. “Today, Indonesia has four ‘Unicorns’ or start-up companies with billions of dollars worth of shares, equal to the number of ‘Unicorns’ in a combined 28 countries in the European Union, “said the President.

Human resources, he explained, also helped push the fourth industrial revolution or Industrial Revolution 4.0. The President said that on April 4 he launched the Industrial Revolution 4.0 government program, which was named “Making Indonesia 4.0”. “I believe that the 4.0 Industrial Revolution will create a lot of jobs and increase equality because one of the important aspects of Industry 4.0 is the reduction in the cost of products and services that cause these products to be cheaper and easier to reach for lower income earners,” the President said.

Therefore, he believes, ASEAN, including Indonesia, will be at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The President gave an example again in the Asian Games for example, Indonesia had demonstrated an autonomous car test (without a driver) operating on a 5G network.

However, the President reiterated to go in that direction, we must first prevent the trade war to become an ‘unlimited war’. “‘An unlimited war’ is not only about trade wars, but about all of us to learn again in history, that with creativity, energy, collaboration, and partnership, we as humans can enjoy ‘abundance’,” the President concluded. “we can produce not ‘unlimited war’ but ‘unlimited resources.’



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