John Kerry and Susi Pudjiastuti Hold a Press Conference after closing Our Ocean Conference 2018

Our Ocean Conference 2018 held in Nusa Dua, Bali finally ended yesterday (10/30/2018). However, the event which was attended by 5 heads of state, 45 government representatives, and thousands of delegates ended successfully. Reporting from the 2018 OOC press release, the largest marine conference in the world succeeded in giving birth to more than 287 commitments worth more than US$ 10 billion. The moment also encouraged countries in the world to create 14 million square kilometers of Marine Conservation Area, exceeding previous estimates.

Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti said in her remarks at the Global Ocean Leadership Panel, this number exceeded our expectations. We thank you for your collective contribution in determining the future of the sea and its contents, to be more sustainable and sustainably managed. There are two issues that are of great concern in OOC 2018, namely plastic pollution in the ocean and illegal fisheries (illegal fishing). Because the plastic that pollutes the ocean will eventually break down into microplastic. This microplastic is then eaten by fish and moves to humans. “This is certainly very dangerous for ourselves, because we eat fish containing microplastic,” explained Susi.

Susi also mentioned the issue of illegal fishing in her speech stating that illegal fishing perpetrators exploited 93 percent of the fish in the Indonesian sea using non-environmentally friendly fishing gear.
So far, Indonesia has succeeded in sinking 488 vessels that are perpetrators of illegal fishing. Then, as Susi said, Indonesia also imposed a moratorium on ex-foreign vessels and prohibited trawling that had damaged Indonesian waters. Susi also said that in maintaining the preservation of the sea responsibly needed coordination and cooperation between countries, especially international cooperation. “Indonesia learns, without cooperation with neighboring countries, what we do is not enough. We must realize that it is not the sea that needs us, but we who need the sea. “The sea can restore itself if we give it a chance,” she concluded.

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The statement received direct compliment from former US Secretary of State John Kerry for commitments and concrete examples of the act of illegal fishing. “I am very happy with this conference in Bali. It is very grateful to Mr. Joko Widodo and Mrs. Susi who have held this fifth OCC gathering leaders from various parts of the world with a major commitment to how to restore and protect our oceans, coral reefs, mangroves , protect the planet and of course global warming related to climate change, “Kerry said after a meeting with Susi on the sidelines of Our Ocean Conference (OOC) at BNDCC, Nusa Dua, Bali, Monday (10/29/2018).

Kerry added that the mission and main objective of this world sea conference is to invite all participating countries for concrete actions for the preservation of marine wealth. Moreover, Indonesia has provided an example of strict action against illegal fishing by sinking ships.

“Indonesia has done extraordinary deeds, and my friend Susi has shown extraordinary leadership, is very grateful to him, and thanks your president who is here to give a very important statement. Frankly without leadership, support and encouragement from your president, Susi will not do it all. Indonesian policy can be felt throughout the world, “he said.
He believes that Indonesia’s sea security is also increasing. Moreover, Indonesia is also one of the countries that actively rebukes other countries for illegal fishing.

“Maritime security is increasing, Indonesia is known to work with fishermen, make marine areas protected, and most importantly Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that reprimand other countries that are negligent and violate exclusive economic zones, illegal fishing, and state- countries that carry out illegal fishing activities. We need global law enforcement, and this is what we are discussing here, “he explained.

In the same location, Susi said the government was committed to strengthening maritime policies related to marine affairs. For this reason, Indonesia is actively holding conferences to cooperation pacts with other countries.

“Yes we continuously carry out our mission and leadership, hold conferences, hold cooperation pacts with other countries. We will continue to echo and campaign, and gather together with all countries. John Kerry as one of the biggest supporters in IUU fishing, sustainable fishing, towards the blue economy, “said Susi.



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