Risma Becomes the New President of UCLG-ASPAC

The name of Indonesia again became the object of world conversation after one of the leaders in one of the major cities in Indonesia, Surabaya, was named as President of the Association of Asia Pacific United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) in the 2018- period 2020. Tri Rismaharini once again impressed the world with her election as President of the Association of Municipal and Regional Governments in the Asia Pacific after being elected by acclamation of the 7th UCLG Aspac congressional official forum held at Dyandra Convention Hall, Surabaya, Friday (9/14/2018).

Risma was elected after 1200 participants of the 7th UCLG ASPAC congress from 40 countries held consensus meetings and decided Risma as President of the UCLG ASPAC. Risma was chosen to replace Won Hee-Ryong, the previous UCLG president from South Korea. UCLG-ASPAC Secretary General Bernadia Irawati Tjandradewi said, from the members’ proposal there was only one nomination, namely Risma.

several delegates of the 7th UCLG ASPAC congress participants

“So it’s easy to vote because there is no voting,” Bernadia said at the Dyandra Convention Center, Surabaya, Friday (9/14/2018).
According to Bernadia, she was indeed trying to avoid voting because Asia Pacific was always in harmony and put forward consensus. “This consensus is an Indonesian tradition. The culture like that does not exist at the world level. If the world is voting,” she said. The reason the delegates chose Risma, she continued, because many had known Risma’s performance during the last eight Surabaya leads.

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“Because the performance of Mrs. Risma is already well known. Many people know the improvement in Surabaya. This is why the delegates nominated Mrs. Risma,” said Bernadia. Chosen as President of the UCLG-ASPAC for the 2018-2020 period, Risma claimed to be giving all the experiences she had so far.
Furthermore, Risma admitted that she had long joined the UCLG ASPAC. She has often visited many areas, from Quito, Pakistan, to Columbia. Risma also admitted that she had observed a lot of conditions outside Surabaya.

“What I want on the side of my position as mayor is that I want to share it for other regions,” she said. Risma said the Asia Pacific region is vulnerable to the impact of global warming. Therefore he wants to help and share knowledge so that the Asia Pacific region can develop its region.
In addition, problems in urban areas.

What has been done in Surabaya wants to be shared by Risma to the heads of other regions in the Asia Pacific. “That’s what I also want to help. How Surabaya treats our children. There are some problems, such as sex addict gadgets, trafficking. I have that experience,” she said.
In carrying out this task later, Risma claimed to be taking a number of priority issues in handling problems. That is the problem of children, young people, poverty alleviation and good governance.

After the election of Tri Rismaharini as the new UCLG President, participants from the Asia Pacific city and the regional delegation were brought by Mayor Tri Rismaharini to plant trees in Taman Harmoni, Keputih, Surabaya, Saturday (09/15/2018). The tree planting activity was the end of the 7th Congress of United Cities Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG-ASPAC) 2018 which was held in Surabaya from 12-15 September 2018. At Taman Harmoni, delegates from the city and regional governments were invited to plant hundreds of seeds tree in a former landfill.

The delegates of the city and regional governments throughout Asia Pacific carried out tree planting in Taman Harmoni, Keputih, Surabaya, Saturday (9/15/2018). The tree planting was the end of the series of the 7th UCLG-ASPAC Congress in the City of Heroes, Surabaya

At Taman Harmoni, delegates from the city and regional government were invited to plant hundreds of tree seeds in the former landfill. Planted tree seeds such as bisbul, kepel, nagasari, olive, and namnam. Risma then told about the history of the establishment of Harmoni Park which has an area of 60 hectares. “This is a former landfill site. After removing the gas produced by garbage, we made this park,” said Risma. Risma will also transform the former garbage burning building as a co-working space or shared work space.



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