Eko Yuli Irawan, World record holder Of Weightlifting class of 61 Kg

Indonesia again proved its human quality to the world through proud achievements. This achievement was achieved by Indonesian pride lifter Eko Yuli Irawan who successfully listed his name as the world weightlifting champion. Eko managed to record a total clean & jerk force of 174 kg which is a new world record. The lift was obtained on the third occasion after Eko recorded 165 kg and 170 kg.

He defeated two competitors from China, Li Fabin who won silver and Quin Fulin who won bronze. In the previous snatch lift, Eko recorded 143 kg. In total, Eko Yuli recorded 317 kg which is also a new world record. That means Eko Yuli broke the world record three times in this event, namely clean & jerk at 173 kg and then twice in the total force, namely 313 kg and 317 kg.
The manager of the Team, Sony Kasiran, said on Sunday (11/04/2018) that the success of Eko Yuli was inseparable from the strategy applied by the coach team when submitting a request for the force.

“Initially we submitted 177th generation for clean and jerk to trick China. But, when China and Colombia failed in the 172nd batch, the coach team finally decided to be 174 kg,” said Sony Kasiran.

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Not enough to get there. Eko Yuli who won the Olympic silver medal, also twice set a new record in the total force, which is at 313 kilograms and returned to repair at 317 kilograms.

Meanwhile Eko Yuli expressed his excitement, because in the end he successfully presented the world title, after winning two bronze medals and one silver medal at the Olympics.

“I am very happy to win the World Championship for the first time, and this is what I hope I can achieve myself,” he said, as stated on the official website of the World Weightlifting Federation website.

Eko Yuli is not the only Indonesian lifter who participated in the event. In addition to him, there are lifelong sons Deni and Triyatno who dropped in 67 Kg class, and female lifter Acchedya Jagaddhita in the 55 Kg class, and Sri Wahyuni in the 49 Kg class who won 7th place and certainly qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.



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