Dedeh Erawati runner from Indonesia became the only Asian representative in the women's 100 meters, successfully won the gold medal in the 2019 Masters Athletics championship in Malaga, Spain.

The latest news came from a female sprinter from Indonesia, Dedeh Erawati. The nation’s pride athlete apparently returned to Indonesia with a nickname after successfully winning the gold medal for the 100 meters hurdles (age 35-39 years) at the 2018 World Athletics Masters Championship Malaga, Spain on Saturday (15/9).

It is known that the 100-meter hurdles race held at the Carranque Stadium was passed with a quite fierce competition. Two heavy opponents Dedeh conquered were Belgian goalkeeper Laurence Guillet and host goalkeeper Emma Valencia Garcia.

Previously, Guillet was a silver medalist at the 2016 Athletics Masters World Championship in Perth, Australia. While Garcia is a European champion. It cannot be denied that Dedeh’s two opponents are superior athletes who look hard to conquer. On the other hand, Dedeh said that not all sprinters could run away, because all must be able to understand more detailed techniques, while all the competitors she faced yesterday were athletes who understood the goal run.

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Interestingly, of the eight-goal runners who competed, Dedeh was the only non-European runner. While some other runners come from European countries such as France, Ireland, England, and the Netherlands.

Dedeh’s presence on the Carranque Stadium field has indeed attracted attention from the start. As written through the Tribune, Dedeh is said to be able to lead the race with good technique. Nobody could even follow Dedeh until the last goal.

With the acquisition of a record time of 14.50 seconds, Dedeh was also declared entitled to be the main perch in the race. The condition then made Dedeh face the audience while looking down at a sign of gratitude accompanied by the audience’s admiration for her victory.

The coach, Fahmy Fachrezzy, admitted that he was very satisfied with the victory and the best performance that Dedeh had produced. He also saw that Dedeh had given his maximum performance when crossing the fifth and sixth goal.
Through this victory, Dedeh managed to bring the name of Indonesia well, which is by defending the 100-meter hurdles gold medal which was also won at the 2016 Athletics Masters World Championship in Perth.

Moreover, in addition to the 100-meter hurdles number, Dedeh apparently also received a silver medal in the 100 meters. That means, Dedeh managed to pocket two medals for Indonesia.



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