Aditya Wibowo, First podium in the 6th Asia Max Challenge 2018 championship

Another proud thing given by the Indonesia’s pride in the international competition and this time was donated by Indonesia’s young kart racer, 9-year-old Aditya Wibowo who won the Asian title after winning the 6th Asia Max Challenge 2018 championship on the Elite Speedway Plus circuit in Malaysia , Sunday (10/28) afternoon. Aditya appeared with a special and high-spirited mission because he had to catch up 4 points from the leader of the Micro Max class, Ranvir Singh from India.

In the qualifying round, the Gandasari Racing Team racer is in third place under Adam Mikail (Malaysia) and Ranvir Singh. Likewise, for Prefinal, 5th grade student of primary school Bakti Mulia, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta had to settle for finishing third.

Aditya Wibowo, when preparing to compete in the 6th Asia Max Challenge 2018 championship

However, thanks to the moral support of his family who accompanied directly on the side of the circuit and received an injection of enthusiasm from senior kart racer Senna SN, Aditya raced impeccably. At the end of the race, the eldest son of businessman Andy Wibowo and Nadia Fransisca finished first followed by Ranvir Singh.

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“In the final, Adit tried to set the rhythm by trying to leave his opponents, especially the host drivers after the start. However, Ranvir’s teammate, Adam Mikail (Malaysia) continues to try to disrupt Adit, “Andy Wibowo told the press in Jakarta.

After successfully taking over the second position, there was exciting competition. The reason is, it seems that Ranvir and Adam tried to play the team order strategy, causing an overtake of the three leading drivers.

The “compactness” of Malaysian and Indian racers from the DRM Team made Aditya have to set a sharper and more careful strategy so that it would not be repeated like the 5 AMC series event. With high focus and penetration, finally Aditya can break the first finish followed by the second Ranvir and third Adam.

The severity of competition is very clear. “However, from the events in the last 5 series, where Aditya had taken the lead in the future, it was issued by the host driver, so that finally he finished third,” said Andy.

At that time, he could not accompany Aditya to compete because there were work matters that could not be left behind. “Reflecting on that, we strive to be beside Adit when racing to increase confidence and achieve the best results,” explained Andy.

Calculating takes 5 of the 6 best points, Aditya collects the highest score so he is entitled to the title as AMC 2018 champion for the Micro Max class. Aditya became the youngest champion in his class. Previously, in 2016, Aditya won the national championship title Cadet Rok. Meanwhile, Calvin Wibowo, his younger brother this time finished 9th.



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