Indonesian Time Capsule

If we observe the track record of the performance of the Indonesian government starting from the election of Joko Widodo as the seventh President of the Republic of Indonesia, we certainly know at the end of 2015 the President built a monument in Merauke Regency, Papua Province. The monument is called a time capsule. The time capsule was made with the aim of giving optimism to the Indonesian people by writing down the dreams and hopes of the Indonesian people on capsule media which will be opened in the next 70 years.

the process of building a time capsule monument

This time capsule monument has a total area of 2.5 ha, consisting of 1 ha monument area and 1.5 ha is used as a square. The location of the monument is in front of the Merauke Regent’s Office and near Mopah Airport so that it will become the new landmark of Merauke Regency which can be seen when the plane lands.

Merauke Regent Frederikus Gebze revealed that this monument was not an ordinary construction, but was a historical work of art for the next generation. Later it will be told also in the form of reliefs of the journey to Indonesia. This monument will also be one of the favorite historical tourist destinations in Merauke. So that it is also expected to boost Indonesia’s tourism visits in border areas. Whether coincidentally or indeed it was planned, at a glance the design of this monument if photographed from above, is very similar to the Avengers logo. The initial form A is in a circle and has a firm line.

at a glance the time capsule monument is similar to the avenger logo

Quoted from the official Instagram account of the Ministry of Public Works (PUPR), Thursday, September 13, 2018, the project architectural design worked on by PT Nindya Karya Wilayah V, under the supervision of the Ministry of PUPR’s Directorate General of Cipta Karya, was made by Indonesia’s famous architect, Yori Antar. Figures 17, 8 and 45 are selected as key numbers of monument sizes.

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Time capsules will later be placed on top of the monument building inspired by the Dani war tower, with five accesses to the building representing five indigenous tribes of Merauke, namely Malind, Muyu, Mandobo, Mappi, and Auyu as guardians of the time capsule.

President Joko Widodo while in Papua attended the inauguration of the construction of the time capsule monument

This time capsule contains 238 Indonesian children’s dreams taken from 34 provinces. The dream was collected at the commemoration of Indonesian Independence Day August 17, 2015, and was marked by Jokowi’s writing which contained his dreams and dreams for Indonesia 70.
Here are 7 points of Jokowi’s handwriting:

1. Indonesian human resources whose intelligence outperforms other nations in the world
2. Indonesian society who uphold pluralism, culture, religion and uphold ethical values
3. Indonesia is the center of world education, technology, and civilization
4. Communities and government officials who are free from corrupt behavior
5. The development of equitable infrastructure throughout Indonesia
6. Indonesia is an independent and most influential country in the Asia Pacific
7. Indonesia is a barometer of world economic growth

The construction of a time capsule monument adopted elements of Papuan culture. Time capsules will be placed on top of buildings inspired by the Dani war tower. The construction was carried out by PT Nindya Karya (Persero) and spent a budget of around Rp 89.9 billion.



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