Christella Finisianti (5th from left) and Adi Wisnu Nugroho (4th from right) when joint photo of the Asean + 3 UNet award was held at Ballroom Hotel Rizqun, Brunei Darussalam.

This time Indonesia’s achievements come in the international event competition of creativity logo design and literary talent. Adi Wisnu Nugroho, a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business at Airlangga University, became the best of 152 designs made by 93 students from 9 countries in ASEAN + 3 University Network (AUN). AUN Executive Director Choltis Dhirathiti handed trophies and presents to Adi at the ASEAN + 3 Rectors’ Conference event in Bandar Seri Begawan (26/7).

In the presence of Indonesian Ambassador, Dr. Sujatmiko, Adi explained that the cortex-shaped design is a visualization of AUN’s dynamic nature. According to Adi, the color and shape of the design symbolize the hope that AUN can continue to continue its cooperation through communication, education and harmony partnership.

“This is the ASEAN plus Three Logo,” Adi said when finally introducing his designs to 93 rectors and academics from 43 ASEAN + 3 universities gathered that afternoon. This logo will be the official emblem to be used by AUN and printed on the flag will be flown in every AUN activity.

Adi Wisnu Nugraha (left) with Executive Director AUN Choltis Dhirathiti (right)

“I would like to congratulate Adi Wisnu Nugroho,” said Ambassador Sujatmiko when meeting directly with the champion. “Surely this battle is heavy and (his victory) brings the good name of Indonesia,” Ambassador Sujatmiko added.


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In addition to Adi, Ambassador Sujatmiko also expressed his congratulations to Airlangga University, this time bringing Indonesia’s fragrant name in the ASEAN +3 arena. “We must keep doing what is best, always spirit and not despair pursuing dreams and ideals”, so the message to his friends fellow Indonesian youth.

In addition to Adi, at the event a University of Indonesia student, Christella Finisianti, also received an award as The Best Delegate on The 18th AUN and 7th ASEAN + 3 Educational Forum and Young Speakers’ Contest. Chistella triumphed over 67 competitors from 10 ASEAN + 3 countries, in a contest that took place from 1 – 5 May at the University of Indonesia. “I feel very proud to be here (representing Indonesia),” Christella said when asked about her feelings of accepting the award. “For my friends in Indonesia, this event brings a lot of lessons to me and I recommend that my friends join this event. Christella said.

“Congratulations, yes,” said Ambassador Sujatmiko to the two winners. “Let’s fight, compete in the international arena,” Ambassador Sujatmiko added. According to him, we need to mobilize the youth of Indonesia to not afraid to compete internationally diajang and always struggling to do the best.



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