Indonesian contingent won 207 medals with details of 66 gold, 62 silver, and 79 bronze in second week. Source: GMA

2019 sea games have entered its second week since it opened with lively November 30, 2019 ago. From the opening to the present 12/9/19 Indonesian contingent won 207 medals with details of 66 gold, 62 silver, and 79 bronze and ranked second in the standings. Indonesia’s first gold last Sunday was donated by shooting sports from the mixed metallic silhouette air rifle number. Indonesian shooter Ahmad Rifqi Mukhlisin defeated his fellow countryman, Hadika Aubrey Sarendriya who got silver.

After that, Indonesia added four gold medals through two sports. Three gold medals came from the traditional boat race sports rowing boat, a 500-meter male four-seater dragon boat, a mixed 500-meter 22-seater dragon boat, and a mixed-meter 22-seater dragon boat.

Another gold was donated by the archery sport through the men’s recurve team number which was strengthened by Riau Ega Agata, Hendra Purnama, and Aris Dwi Pangestu.

Surfing sports do not miss by donating two gold medals. Dhea Novitasari from women’s longboard open numbers and Hairil Anwar who appeared on men’s shortboard numbers were the best.

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Indonesian medal gains continue to increase when archer Hendra Purnama wins the gold medal from the men’s recurve singles. The results achieved by Hendra made Indonesia successfully won 10 gold until Sunday afternoon.

The Indonesian contingent then added two gold medals through Billy Muhammad Islam from the bowling sport and a mixed water ski team that dominated the cableski mixed team number.

Chess also managed to donate a gold medal through Susanto Megaranto (male fast chess number) and Medina Aulia (female fast chess). The Indonesian gold medal was closed by Maria Londa, who won gold from the women’s long jump number.

The following is a list of Indonesian gold medalists on Sunday (12/08/2019) until 22:30 WIB:

  1. Ahmad Rifqi Mukhlisin (Shooting – Mixed Metallic Silhouette Air Riffle)
  2. Indonesian Team (Dragon Boat – Men’s 4 Seaters 500m)
  3. Indonesian Team (Dragon Boat – Men’s 22 Seaters 500m)
  4. Indonesian Team (Dragon Boat – Mixed 33 Seaters 1000m)
  5. Indonesian Team (Archery – Recurve Individual Men)
  6. Juliant / Yayah Rokayah (Paddles – Women’s Doubles)
  7. Ihram / Yanto Mahendra (Paddle – Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls)
  8. Dhea Novitasari (Surfing – Women’s Longboard Open)
  9. Hendra Purnama (Archery – Recurve Individual Men)
  10. Hairil Anwar (Surfing – Men’s Shortboard Open)
  11. Billy Muhammad Islam (Bowling – Men’s Masters)
  12. The Indonesian Team (Water Skiing – Cableski Mixed Team)
  13. Susanto Megaranto (Chess – Blitz Putra)
  14. Medina Aulia (Chess – Women’s Blitz)
  15. Maria Natalia Londa (Athletics – Long Jump)

The Top 5 SEA Games 2019 Standings, Sunday (8/12)

  1. Philippines (111 gold, 87 silver, 86 bronze)
  2. Indonesia (66-62-79)
  3. Vietnam (65-69-79)
  4. Thailand (58-74-82)
  5. Singapore (43-33-48)


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