Indonesia is hosting the U20 World Cup in 2021. Source: Indosport

Indonesia officially appointed by FIFA as the host of the 2021 U-20 World Cup. Certainty Indonesia became the host of the 2021 U-20 World Cup after FIFA as the highest soccer authority in the world held a general meeting in Shanghai, China, on Thursday (10/24/2019) ). In bidding to host the 2021 U-20 World Cup, Indonesia succeeded in eliminating Brazil and Peru who also volunteered. On the sidelines of the FIFA general meeting, a final presentation was made of the 2021 U-20 World Cup bidding process.

PSSI Secretary-General, Ratu Tisha, came directly to Shanghai to make a presentation. The results of PSSI’s presentation about Indonesian football brought by Queen Tisha attracted much admiration for FIFA.

After the presentation, FIFA finally announced that Indonesia had the right to host the biggest junior soccer event in the world. “Thank God Indonesia won and was chosen to host the 2021 U-20 World Cup,” Head of Media and International Relations PSSI, Gatot Widakdo, told on Thursday (10/24/2019). “One of the points we won was the successful presentation in front of FIFA,” said Gatot Widakdo.

Indonesia is one of a number of countries on the shortlist to host the 2021 U-20 World Cup. The country is one of the three remaining host candidates along with two South American countries, Brazil and Peru. Indonesia became the remaining AFC representative after Myanmar / Thailand and Bahrain / Saudi Arabia / United Arab Emirates resigned.

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For PSSI, this nomination is part of a long-term plan towards a mission to bring Indonesia to host a senior World Cup in 2034 or 2038.

Therefore, the Secretary General of PSSI, Ratu Tisha, said that the nomination must be guarded together and if it fails, it must be guarded even tighter because there will be more milestones going forward. This was conveyed by Ratu Tisha in a media visit to Kompas Group in Kompas Tower, Jakarta, Friday (11/10/2019).

According to Ratu Tisha, Indonesia has never been this close to being glimpsed by FIFA to host their grand competition. “FIFA has come once for inspection. This is the highest stage Indonesia has ever experienced,” she told reporters from the Kompas daily,, KompasTV and

“There are three stages before the appointment of the host of the World Cup. The first is to submit documents consisting of more than 250 categories. Second, the eligibility of all documents is administratively just right. Third, they will carry out direct inspections,” said Tisha. On September 16-19, 2019, FIFA delegation had indeed conducted a survey of 5 of the 10 stadiums PSSI proposed as a match venue.


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