National Library of The Republic of Indonesia

One of the Indonesian government efforts in supporting the reading interest of the people is by rejuvenating and revitalizing various facilities and infrastructure to develop the literature resources. One of them is on Thursday (14/9/17) President Joko Widodo has inaugurated the National Library of Indonesia which has been renovated building service facilities. This library is claimed as the highest library in the world because it has 27 floors and basement.

The library building itself has been initiated by President Soekarno since 65 years ago, but can only be done at this time by using the design of the competition.

Inner View Indonesian National Library

The library service facility is a combination of inclusive, diversified, and community-based services based on information and communication technology (ICT).

The building stands on an area of 11,975 square meters with a building area of 50,917 square meters and a height of 126.3 meters, has 24 floors and three basements, which is claimed to be the highest library building in the world.

The design of this literacy service facility uses an environmentally friendly concept with an energy consumption index (IKE) of 150 kWh / mm2 per year that resembles buildings in Singapore and Malaysia.

The budget used to build this facility using multi years (2013-2016) which cost Rp465.207.300.000 is equipped with network data cable network category 7 (CAT-7) and active network devices capable of transferring data up to 100 Gbps.

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The tall, square-shaped library of libraries is the window of the world, meaning reading can be a source of knowledge for the people of Indonesia and the world as well as the center of educative, recreational and cultural activities.

The building is equipped with an inclusive service designed to serve people with disabilities in terms of infrastructure, collections, and special rooms for blind disability.

Children’s reading areas are also uniquely designed, attractive and colorful, and for nursing mothers are also provided a special room lactation (breastfeeding) so that the mothers feel calm and comfortable when accompanying his baby play, read, explore and be creative.

Children’s reading room is designed in many colors in the national library, Jakarta.

For the elderly visitors were given special services because there are officers who accompany them.

The NLI’s facilities are equipped with collection data centers with Tier3 and telelift technology (automated book transport systems), exhibition halls, theaters, a 1,000-seat audit hall, a teleconference room, and discussion rooms for the literacy community.

Library membership cards are developed in a state-of-the-art radio frequency identification (RFID) basis as a means of securing and collecting inventory.

It is expected that the service facility building will be the driving force of acceleration of the nation’s intelligence programs and position the National Library as a library that is proud of Indonesian society and counted in the international eyes.

Hopefully, this information more intriguing public interest to read the quality of Indonesian human resources, increasing and able to compete in all fields with other countries.

Source: CNN Indonesia

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