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One of the most fundamental indicators in assessing an advanced country is the quality and effectiveness of its infrastructure. Development of appropriate infrastructure and able to accommodate the needs of the community in increasing the economic traffic is owned by every developed country. Seeing this condition, the 7th President of Indonesia Joko Widodo realized that infrastructure development in Indonesia is very lagging compared to other advanced countries, including neighboring Singapore and Malaysia. Therefore, since inaugurated by MPR in 2014 the President focuses on massive infrastructure development programs from Sabang to Merauke.

Of the programs that have been running, some have been implemented and it can be felt by many people, one of them is sea toll program and fuel 1 price program. The program focuses on commodity price shifting from Sabang to Merauke so that not only people in Java and Sumatra can enjoy normal prices, but Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua can also feel the same fuel prices as in Java Island.

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Do not stop there, the Indonesian government continues to accelerate Infrastructure to catch up with other countries. One of them is by adding hundreds of kilometers of toll road which is 2018 will be inaugurated simultaneously. No less than 33 toll roads will be inaugurated by the government during this year. Not only on the island of Java, toll roads that will be inaugurated also exist in Sumatra. According to the Head of Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) Herry Trisaputra Zuna, some of the segments inaugurated should be completed last year but had experienced obstacles.

toll roads that will be inaugurated throughout 2018. Source:

The toll roads that will soon be inaugurated are Toll Ngawi-Kertosono Section 1 (Ngawi-Madiun 1C), Section 2 (Madiun-Caruban 1C) and Section 3 (Caruban 1C-Nganjuk 1C). Furthermore, Solo-Ngawi Toll consisting of JC Kartosuro-SS Solo (Government / State Budget), Section 1 (Solo-Mantingan) Karanganyar-Sragen Segment, Segment Sragen-Mantingan and Section 2 (Mantingan-Ngawi).

toll roads that will be inaugurated throughout 2018. Source:

33 toll roads inaugurated throughout 2018 have a length of more than 615 km. Where the 69 km development fund comes from the state budget (APBN) while the other 546 km comes from non-APBN (domestic and foreign investment). The government has operated along 348 kilometers of toll roads until 2017 consisting of 132 kilometers in 2015, 44 kilometers in 2016 and 156 kilometers by 2017.

With the rapid development of infrastructure under the leadership of Jokowi and Yusuf Kalla, it is not impossible in the next 10 years the category of Indonesia can change from developing countries into developed countries.

Reference: Kompas

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