The trio Addyek RG, Adrian Septianto, and Catherine, were able to excel and become champions to represent Indonesia in AAGC. Source:

Red and white fluttered again in the international competition. This time at the Asian Auto Gymkhana Championship (AAGC), in Inje-Speedium, Gangwon Province, South Korea, Sunday (1/9/2019), where the Indonesian racer Addyek RG, won the Double & Team class in round 2. Addyek RG is one of the racers from the Fastron Slalom Team, each of which consists of RG Addyek, Adrian Septianto, and Catherine who can excel and become champions to represent Indonesia.

AAGC 2019 was attended by 12 countries namely from Chinese Taipei, Singapore, New Zealand, India, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia who competed to become the best Slalom Team.

PT Pertamina Lubricants Sales Region Manager IV Semarang, Agus Supriyanto revealed, PT Pertamina Lubricants with the spirit of building the achievements of the nation’s children, and bringing Indonesian lubricants to the international arena through the leading brand Pertamina Fastron, officially became the main sponsor of the Fastron Slalom Team racer, Addyek RG.

As for the sponsors, to participate in the National and International slalom championship events, one of which is the Asian Auto Gymkhana Championship (AAGC) 2019. Pertamina Lubricants through the Fastron brand is committed to continuing to support the nation’s children to continue to make achievements. Hopefully, this is a good start to continue to improve the achievements of Indonesian racers, and the success of the Red and White team continues to bring Indonesia’s fragrance on the world stage, “Agus Supriyatno said, on, Thursday (09/09/2019).

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Meanwhile, Pertamina Lubricants has been developing lubricants for a long time and it has marketed lubricants overseas. It has already exported to 18 or 20 more countries, working together to develop lubricants can be used in other countries. Automatically as a proof of lubricant is not only used for the Domestic market. “At the moment we are also working with Lamborghini as a technical partner. This makes us more confident and provides as much information as possible if the Pertamina Lubricant currently has very strong performance,” he said.

Discussing the Fastron market in the country is quite good. Although the growth was not immediately sharp due to the gradual sales, given the sales of two or four wheeled vehicles also tended to be 5% to 12%. Therefore, oil sales will also follow. “The principle at this time is we don’t only sell products, but when we partner with machine makers we already know all the technologies that are available,” he added.

One of the Fastron Slalom Team racers, Addyek RG explained, after the match in Korea, there will be a third series that will take place in Thailand. After that the fourth series in Taiwan, and the last series in India. Because for AAGC there are five series and this has been going on two series, so there are still three more series left.

“So the system is to be able to follow this AAGC, the two points of the fastest male racer from Indonesia plus one of the fastest female racers. The conclusion is whether or not we can take part in the AAGC event based on the event we took at the National Championship,” he explained.


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