Jokowi visits in one of the regions to distribute the land certificate

Indonesian President Joko Widodo is known as a leader who does not like to polite or have a rhetoric without real action. What he hopes and wants, soon may have to be realized. Since he was first inaugurated after being elected to Indonesia’s 7th president in 2014, he is committed to making Indonesia self-sufficient in all sectors, especially in the maritime and agrarian sectors. Not too verbose, Jokowi immediately moved to catch up and accelerate the development program inherited from the previous government. Of the many programs implemented, the agrarian reform program became one of Jokowi’s focusses for the government and the people to synergize in the management of uncertified land plots.

The agrarian reform program is intended to reduce the imbalance of land plots ownership in Indonesia. Through, the program, the public can now have evidence of legal recognition of the land plots they have. President Joko Widodo asserted that the policy of transferring land plots title certificates to the people throughout Indonesia is not a fake thing. The government made sure that the certificates submitted were received and utilized directly by the land-owning communities throughout Indonesia. To accelerate the process of land plots titling nationally, the government has a program of Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL) or often known as the president for free land certificates.

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According to the Regulation of the Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning (ATR) / Head of BPN Number 35 of 2016 Article 1 Paragraph (1), PTSL shall be the first time registration of land carried out simultaneously covering all objects of land registration that have not been registered in one village / district area or other similar names with that.
Objects of the PTSL are all plots of land without exceptions, whether parcels of land, land assets of the Government / Local Government, state-owned / local-owned land, village lands, state lands, customary law lands, including forest areas and other land parcels.

Head of East Jakarta Land Administration Office, M Unu Ibnudin also explained that the term for the land certificate in question is the government to finance the whole process of land certification of the community included in the PTSL program. So people do not bear any cost. All administrative financing in the office of the national land agency (BPN) in all branches in Indonesia will be paid from state budget (APBN).

The system, for areas selected as land areas that have not been certified, will be inventoried for certification. The location is spread throughout the territory of Indonesia. In one time and one territory, all capable and disadvantaged societies will be counted and certified. This step is said to be effective to pursue the target of 126 million plots of land in 2024 should have been certified.

In PTSL, before the certificate is issued, the juridical status of a plot of land can be grouped into K1, K2, K3, and K4. K1 means the land is clean and clear so it can be issued a certificate. K2 means the status of the land is a dispute so it is only recorded in the land book, K3 means the status of the land subject has not been eligible so it is only recorded in the land list, and K4 means the land already has a certificate but need to improve the information on the map.

The background of this program is also based on the experience of President Joko Widodo that the small people often lose the land dispute because they do not have a certificate. Therefore, with this program, the community can be assured and can work optimally in exploiting the land for productive things.

Based on the information from the Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning / Head of the National Land Agency (BPN), Sofyan A. Djalil said that the community response was very positive with this program. This is felt when visiting the recipient areas of this program. The Ministry of ATR / BPN has been given clear targets to certify the land throughout Indonesia in 2017 as many as 5 million land certificates must be issued, while in 2018 as many as 7 million land certificates issued.

Meanwhile, in 2019 as many as 9 million land certificates will be issued. With the passage of the program, President Joko Widodo advised that to keep this certificate in order not to be misused by unscrupulous persons.

Reference: PresidenRI

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