ANDHIKA Putra Sudarman, the first Indonesian who could make a speech at graduation at Harvard Law School. Image Source:

The proud news came from Harvard Law School where one of the graduates from Indonesia was the speaker in the graduation speech on May 28, 2020, representing the class of “Class of 2020” namely Andhika Sudarman. Andhika became a speaker after graduating with the “Harvard Law School’s Dean’s Award” and gave a speech on Harvard Law School’s graduation day. This achievement certainly becomes an achievement that not only lives up to him and his family’s name, but also to the name of the Indonesian nation.

Before studying at Harvard Law School, Andhika was a graduate of Tanjungpinang State High School 1 which was later successfully accepted at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia in 2011.
Andhika revealed he never thought he could become a student and even graduate with the best honors at Harvard Law School. “10 years ago, I did not even dream of daring to study here. The term dream just did not arrive. But look at me now, not only graduating but getting extraordinary blessings. From there I learned, life must fight hard for dreams, and not a dream that is too high to be achieved. I (is) the proof. “

Andhika, who is also the winner of the 2014 National Level Champion 1 Student Achievement, was successfully accepted at Harvard Law School through the LPDP scholarship. He also did not waste the opportunity given to him so that it became his motivation to perform as well as possible.

The man born in Tanjung Pinang City, Riau Islands Province, admitted that he had passed more than three stages of a series of tests. From the beginning of his studies at Harvard, Andhika had indeed been chosen to be a “Class Marshal” in his class or a flag bearer in the front row. At that time there were only 6 Class Marshal people representing about 800 people. During this time, this is often done and pinned on Americans and Latin Americans. In pursuing postgraduate education at Harvard, Andhika claimed to be interested in becoming a speaker since some of his seniors emphasized that it is great to be a speaker at the graduation speech level. “At first, I just wanted to be cool, because I knew the selection process was not easy. Because students from all over the world are also present at the selection, they want to be the main speaker, “he said.

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During the speech, Andhika talked about the importance of instilling kinship and protecting the environment. According to him, a sense of kinship is one of the hallmarks of the kindness of Indonesian society that should be introduced to the world. “I feel, the nature of kinship is one of the characteristics of Indonesia, and we must spread the goodness to the world, so they know and interest in Indonesia,” he said. Although speaking only through the online system was caused by the co-19 pandemic, he admitted that he was quite satisfied with his achievement. He hopes to be able to inspire young Indonesian people to be able to take knowledge wherever and as high as possible.


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