cookies cancer preventor made by UGM students

Many people try to live healthily, but many of them are difficult to be consistent with a healthy lifestyle, either because of the heavy workload, the temptation to eat junk food, or lazy to exercise. One of the obstacles in living a healthy lifestyle is sweet food. Because of the delicacy of sweet foods, many people forget the sugar content contained in the food so it has the potential to cause diabetes or disease caused by excess sugar levels.

However, a new innovation related to sweet foods was successfully created by four students of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) by creating biscuits or cookies with soursop leaf additives that potentially prevent tumor and cancer. The four students are Diah Ayu W, Athaya Shafiyya, Muhammad Haidar I., and Ayu Sundari from several faculties. The research process in making these cookies under the guidance of UGM Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) lecturer, Fiametta Ayu Purwandari, S.TP., M.Sc. Dry cake has the potential to prevent tumor and cancer because soursop leaves have antioxidant and acetogenin (anti-cancer substances).

The innovators of anti-cancer cookies

The idea of making this cake originated from concerns about the lifestyle of modern society who love to eat instant food. “Initially we saw that the Indonesian people of today’s era ranging from children to adults have a high tendency to consume junk food and instant food that can cause health problems in our body Unconsciously, consumption of unhealthy foods that can trigger free radicals in the body, so that in the long run can trigger carcinogenic substances that cause tumors and cancer. Seeing the phenomenon, we think to look for an alternative to the prevention of cancer and tumors as early as possible, “said Diah

“Finally, we found it on soursop leaves, then thought about creating a cookie product that is much liked by everyone of all ages with the addition of soursop leaf powder as a potentially functional value for the prevention of tumors and cancer,” he continued. The development of the idea of making food is supported by the Ministry of Research and Technology Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) through Entrepreneurship Student Creativity Program (PKM-K) as one of the team that passed the PKM-K.

Soursop leaf is used as an additive in this biscuit is processed into powder. Soursop leaf powder processing was done alone by these four students. “Soursop leaf powder we process themselves, in order to be controlled so that more effective in the utilization of functional compounds,” said Diah. The flour used for this product is unsweetened mocaf flour making it suitable for diabetics. “Another advantage of this product is the use of mocaf flour (modified cassava flour) is gluten free and rich in fiber, low calories because the sugar is used a little, so it is suitable for diabetics as well,” said Diah.

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The sugar composition of this product is only half of the other commercial biscuits. In addition, they use cinnamon powder to create a distinctive aroma. Until now, this biscuit product has sold 950 pieces. There are three taste variants of these biscuit products, namely original, chocolate, and pandan are marketed in three packaged packages. Three packaged packages include packaging of economical cookies with a net weight of 20 grams sold for Rp 2,000; packaged sated cookies with a net weight of 60 grams sold for Rp 5.000, and ketupat (type of dumpling made from rice packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch) packs with a net weight of 250 grams sold for Rp 25,000. The four of them are doing further research related to this biscuit. “Keep in mind, too, that our cookies here are ‘potentially’ preventing tumors and cancers, as more research is needed to claim that our cookies can prevent tumors and cancer, we are in the process of doing so,” Diah said.

Not impossible if this product can apply in the market, people can eat alternative sweet foods that certainly guarantee their health, especially for cancer prevention.


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