Charter Best Digital News Start-up award to the coil in Hong Kong, Wednesday (10/30). Photo: Yusuf Arifin / Kumparan

One of Indonesia’s online media, Kumparan, won an award at the 2019 Asian Digital Media Awards in Hong Kong. Kumparan won the 2019 Digital News Startup category from the World of Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) which was held on Wednesday (30/10). Kumparan CEO, Hugo Diba, said this award will trigger Kumparan to continue to innovate and have a positive impact on the people of Indonesia. “This award will be a reference for us to continue to work hard, in innovating, presenting content and having a positive impact on many parties,” Hugo said.

In addition to Kumparan, the 2019 Best Digital News Startup award was also given to The Business Times Singapore and PUBLISH from South Korea. The award jury consists of 15 experienced professionals in the publishing and digital world from Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

“The Kumparan opens up new possibilities in the development of digital media business models in the future. We appreciate the breakthroughs they made,” said the 2019 Asian Digital Media Awards jury, during the awarding night at the Marriot Ocean Park Hotel, Hong Kong, Wednesday (10/30) ).

The 1001 Startup Media Online Kumparan program has been implemented since 2017 to print the largest media company in all provinces in Indonesia. In the 1001 Startup Media Online program, Kumparan provides funding, coaching, and networking for local media companies to create credible content. This program was developed and nurtured by the Collaboration Team on the Kumparan. Until 2019, Kumparan has developed 36 online media startups in all provinces in Indonesia through this program.

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WAN-IFRA is a global organization representing 18,000 publications and 3,000 media companies in 120 countries. Every year, WAN-IFRA routinely holds awards for media around the world judged by various things. Meanwhile, the Kumparan is an online media platform that was first launched in January 2017. The Kumparan harmonizes and integrates journalism and technology in its reporting.


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