Aurra Kharishma won runner-up champion 3 in Miss Grand International 2020. Image source: Screenshot at Ivan Gunawan's youtube channel

Miss Grand International which was held at the DC Hall Show, Bangkok, Thailand, became one of the proud moments after the Indonesian representative, Aura Kharisma, was selected to be the 3rd runner-up of Miss Grand International 2020 on Saturday (3/27/2021) local time. The woman who was born on November 27, 1999, previously successfully advanced from the top 20 round to become the top 5 in Miss Grand International 2020. Meanwhile, the first and second runners-up were Miss Grand Guatemala, Ivana Batchelor, and Miss Grand, Philippines Samatha Bernardo.

During the event, every Miss Grand from each country was invited to give the opening sentence. At this moment, Aurra has stolen attention with her wise words regarding the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic which affect mental health. The next moment, each representative of the country showed their beauty in a bathing suit and evening dress. Aurra’s colorful evening gown was designed by Ivan Gunawan, making it into the top 5.

Previously, Aurra also had an extraordinary appearance when wearing a national costume with the theme ‘The Edacious Chicken Satay’. At least 63 contestants from all over the world participated in the Miss Grand International beauty pageant, which has entered its 7th year of being held. Miss Grand International 2020 is the first beauty pageant event to be held and broadcast live amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aurra Kharisma also expressed her happiness and fatigue after completing the quarantine period until the grand final of Miss Grand International 2020. For almost a month in Bangkok, Thailand to participate in Miss Grand International 2020, Aurra gained a lot of experience.

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Aurra is a girl from Majalengka, West Java who is currently 21 years old. Aurra was born on November 27, 1999. Already starting a career in modeling from the age of 14, Aurra was runner-up 2 in the Face of Indonesia event in 2014. In the same year, she also participated in the Asia Model Festival.

Before joining Miss Grand International, She Firstly participated in the Miss Grand Indonesia contest organized by the Mega Bintang World Foundation. The winners were selected directly by Ivan Gunawan as the national director of Miss Grand Indonesia. As well as being the 3rd runner up for Miss Grand International 2021, Aurra also managed to become the Top 6 Best in National Costume and Top 10 Best in Swimsuit.


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