Muhammad Faathir won the 2020 Asian Weightlifting Asian Championship and sharpened the record. Source: Youtube screenshot / International Weightlifting Federation

AWF (Asian Weightlifting federation) Youth championship 2020 held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan became a moment that will never be forgotten by this young Indonesian lifter, Muhammad Faathir. He managed to boast of the nation by winning a gold medal and breaking the Asian record. In the championship which is one of the gold qualifying categories for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Faathir who dropped in the 61kg class posted a total of 273kg, with 119kg snatch details and 154kg clean and jerk, according to IWF official records. That result also sharpened the world record of adolescents in the name of themselves when they appeared at the Junior and Youth Weightlifting Championships in Pyongyang, North Korea, last October 2019.

Breaking the record this time is not the first time for Faathir. The 16-year-old lifter also held two world records, snatching from 118kg to 119kg, clean and jerk from 149kg to 153kg, and a total force from 269kg to 272kg, which was previously held by Turkish lifter Donen Dogan.

The silver medal for this class was won by a lifter from India, Gogoi Sidhanta with a total of 269kg. While the bronze medal won by Kazakhstan lifter, Akmolda Shairamkaz with a total of 267kg. Faathir’s victory that day added to the Indonesian weightlifting team medal, after earlier on Friday (2/14), the mainstay women’s lifter Windy Cantika donated the first gold medal in the 49kg class.

Besides Faathir and Windy, several other lifter, namely Juliana Klarisa (55kg), Rahmat Erwin Abdullah (73kg), Putri Aulia (59kg), Tsabitha Alfiah Ramadani (64kg), and Mohammad Yasin (67kg) were also dropped in the weightlifting championship.

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Faathir’s achievements were not instant. Joining weightlifting national training in Kwini since 2018, he was prepared as a substitute for Eko Yuli Irawan later.

“He has been undergoing national training for more than a year. We deliberately recruited him earlier so he could feel the atmosphere in the 2018 Asian Games national training at that time. Now, the results are quite encouraging and we hope he is more motivated to carve out other achievements,” said the coach head of weightlifting, Dirdja Wihardja.


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