One of the scene in the animated film Battle of Surabaya

If Japan has Dragon Ball and America has the incredible, it turns out that Indonesia also has an animation that is no less interesting to be aligned with world-class animation, which is none other than the “Battle of Surabaya”. This original Indonesian-made animation recently received an award given by the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (HIMPFF) as the Best Animation Feature.

The Battle of Surabaya tells of one of the historical events experienced by the Indonesian people in the battle against British military aggression after the proclamation of independence on August 17. There was told the adventures of Musa, a teenager who worked as a shoe polisher who became the courier for the struggle of the people of Surabaya and the TKR (People’s Security Army) who were now TNI.

HIMPFF itself is a quarterly Film Festival for films that are included in the IMDB standard. Each quarterly “Best Film” winner receives the “HIMPFF Trophy” and is invited to attend the Award Ceremony at Historic Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

AMIKOM Yogyakarta KUI Director Erik Hadi Saputra and Battle of Surabaya Executive Producer Prof. Suyanto (second from left) presented the Best Animation Feature award from the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival to Ministry of Education and Culture Secretary Didik Suhardi accompanied by Maman Wijaya National Film Development Center Head.

Producer of the “Battle of Surabaya” and Chancellor of Amikom Yogyakarta University, M. Suyanto was present as the guest of honor at the Award Ceremony held at Historic Raleigh Studios Hollywood, at Charlie Chaplin’s main theater, couple time ago.

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In the event, M. Suyanto also met executives of Hollywood producers to strengthen relations with the HIMPFF committee and filmmakers in America, because this festival is one of the bridges to enter the market and the largest film producer in the world, the United States.

M. Suyanto said, film festivals in the United States are a means of introducing Indonesian films to the world stage and Indonesian films have a great opportunity to enter the United States market.

“The Battle of Surabaya (November 10th) is an example of an Indonesian animated film that is able to compete internationally because it won more than 30 international awards and has entered the United States market through Amazon distributors, so that it becomes a respected guest in the country,” he explained.

The presence of Prof. Suyanto and Samuel Siregar (MSV Studio) to the award ceremony was facilitated by the Film Development Center, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

Until February 2019 the film ‘Battle of Surabaya’ has received 39 international awards and three national awards. The various awards won by the ‘Battle of Surabaya’ made MSV studio an animation studio that was quite calculated internationally.


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