Cinta Laura Kiehl, Best Actress in Horror Film. Source:

Cinta Laura Kiehl has been named the Best Actress in Horror Film ‘through the Official Latino Film and Arts Festival 2019.
The film festival was held on October 31 last in Palm Desert, California, USA. Because of that, Indonesia is once again in the global spotlight, especially for film lovers all over the world. Laura’s progress in the international film industry is beyond doubt. Until now, Cinta has starred in a number of international films such as ‘After the Dark’, ‘Nanny Surveillance’, ‘Goodnight’, to ‘The Ninth Passenger’.

Not only Cinta, the film she starred in also won the Best Movie category for the Best Horror Film category. Cinta, who is currently in Indonesia, admitted that she was surprised when she got the happy news from the film’s producer. Cinta said, the award she got was an experience he could never have imagined. Moreover, the award is the first award for her in the world of international film.
“I feel really grateful, because this is an award from HBO Latino, so HBO in America. Moreover, when I found out that our short film won the ‘Best Horror Film’, “Cinta Laura said when met in the Sudirman area, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (11/5).

“Indeed, if we want to work hard and have business and commitment, we will definitely succeed. To be sure, I’m very happy to be part of this film, “she continued.

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According to her, the award she got was judged by the quality of the acting he showed in the film directed by George Heras.

“Maybe personally, I have experienced sleep paralysis. Maybe that’s why, my acting in this short film is realistic because I’ve never experienced it myself. Maybe, the judge really believes in how I act, “said Cinta Laura.

After successfully attracting the attention of connoisseurs of horror films, Cinta said that she hoped that ‘Goodnight’ be made into a feature film.

“In a way, this short film ‘Goodnight’ is one of the ways my director, George Heras, is to see how people respond to the concept of sleep paralysis. Just pray for me, may I can be a full picture, not just a short film, “said the singer of ‘Vida’.

After winning the nomination at the international awards arena, Cinta Laura wants to bring her Indonesian film works to the international level. Because according to him, not only go international with the figure of the artist, but also in her work.

“According to me personally, my target for the next few years, I really want to participate to make Indonesian films of good quality. Hopefully, it can be accepted by international audiences, “concluded Cinta Laura.


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