Original Indonesian Steak, Bestik Solo

A good decision if you choose Indonesia as a tourist destination to fill your holiday agenda. Thousands of tourist destinations and millions of culinary variants are ready to welcome you to pamper and provide an experience you will never forget. One of the tourism activities you can do in Indonesia is the culinary tasting that you will not find in your country, but you can feel when you visit Indonesia.

One of the cities you must visit when visiting Indonesia is Solo. The birthplace of the 7th President of Indonesia Joko Widodo provides a variety of unique culinary variants that you can only find here. One of them is Bestik, one of Solo special dishes which according to local people adopted from European cuisine. That said, the beginning of Bestik comes from the word biefstuk (Dutch) or beefsteak (English).

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Easy enough to find stalls that sell Bestik in Solo. Usually only open in the evening, after sunset. One of the food stalls serving Bestik as main dishes is the source of Bestik Pak Darmo. The food stall located at Jalan Dokter Rajiman number 209 is located about 300 meters east of Pasar Kembang.

In this food stall, there are available various Bestik menus, such as meat Bestik, Chicken Bestik, and Cow tongue Bestik. When the Selat Solo (one of Solo Culinary which also authentic with meat and gravy) sauce and stuffing is cooked separately, then all the stuffing in Bestik is cooked simultaneously.

Meat Bestik
Chicken Bestik
Tongue Bestik

Minced beef with sliced onions and spices such as garlic, nutmeg, pepper, and brown sugar and then boiled with broth sauce. After boiling, the Bestik stuffing is tomato, fries, and carrots are included. Finally, added sweet soy sauce.

After ordering, not long after a Bestik meat was served. Still hot with steam steaming, but impatient to immediately sipping the black-colored Bestik sauce. At first glance the Bestik sauce similar to Solo strait sauce, but more dilute. Sauce tasty and sweet sauce. The smell of sweet soy sauce and brown sugar was so noticeable.

Bestik tastes reminiscent of the taste of Javanese court cuisine rich in spices and tends to be sweet. The chopped beef is tender and tender with a generous portion. Bestik Solo is delicious eaten with warm white rice. Presumably, this is the result of a cultural melting, considering that in Europe there, beefsteak commonly eaten with pieces of fries or mashed potatoes.

one of the famous bestik stalls in solo, sumber bestik pak Darmo

Sumber Bestik Pak Darmo stall is open from 18.30 to 24.00 WIB. In addition to the Bestik menu, there is also another cuisine menu such as fried rice, fried noodles, also fried tongue. The price of food here is relatively affordable, a portion of Bestik meat only Rp 23 thousand and the most expensive Bestik tongue omelet is Rp 27 thousand.

Do not just imagine it until you unconsciously dripping your saliva, go immediately visit Indonesia on your holiday agenda and feel yourself an exotic culinary wealth of Indonesia.

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