Stephanie Poetri and Jackson Wang in the MV I Love You 3000 II. (Photo: YouTube / 88rising)

Indonesian music again got the main stage in the international music scene. This time it came from a newcomer with her hit song I love you 3000 who successfully topped the Billboard Social Chart in China for the period October 26, 2019-1 November 2019. This is a proud achievement, considering that on the debut week the song was only able to rank 63. Actually, I Love You 3000 II is a song remixed from a song with a similar title created by Stephanie Poetri. But when she sang it again with Jackson Wang, there were changes to some of the lyrics.

These changes, also influenced the meaning of the song. In the original version, I Love You 3000 revolves around a woman who expects a man to be her husband. While in this new version, tells about the friendship of men and women.

The song, which was sung by duo Stephanie and Jackson, is part of the compilation album Head in the Clouds, released by 88rising. After releasing the collaboration audio of Stephanie and Jackson the previous week, they officially released their duet video on Tuesday (10/15/2019).

Not until two weeks of release, a duet between Stephanie and Jackson on the Billboard China Top Chart. Music videos uploaded on YouTube have been watched more than 6.3 million times. While on Spotify, the song ‘I Love You 3000’ has been played more than 2.3 million times.

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Stephanie Poetri is the first Indonesian singer to rank first on China’s Top Chart. While Jackson Wang is a Chinese singer and dancer and also currently a major member of the K-pop group GOT7 based in South Korea. Jackson is also known for his appearance as an icon of Fendi, Alibaba, and Adidas in China.

Quoting from Mashable, the Billboard Social Chart measures the popularity of an artist based on social networking activities. Artist’s 50 social rankings use metrics like adding friends, fans and followers weekly, artist page views and weekly song drama.

The daughter of famous singer Titi DJ, Stephanie, 19, first appeared in 2016 with the song “Bimbang” with the band Goodbye Felicia on the soundtrack Ada Apa dengan Cinta 2.


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