The Night Awards for All Indonesian Talented Student who gets achievement in the International art festival

Culture is one of the many soft power that characterizes Indonesia. With a very diverse culture in Indonesia, this country makes one of the powers of soft power culture for international appeal. One of the soft power of Indonesian culture is shown by Indonesian students who display various works of art in the international arena in various countries.
The Indonesian students are grouped in several art groups namely, choir formed at Senior High School SMAN 78 Jakarta Grazia Vocalista, (Senior High School) SMAN 34 Jakarta; (Junior High School) SMP Labcshool Kebayoran; The Rezonanz Children’s Choir; and Gema Citra Nusantara as Indonesian representatives at the international arts festival held in six countries at once in the Czech Republic, Singapore, Spain, Greece, South Korea and Italy, managed to bring home some awards.

Grazia Vocalista,One of Senior High School vocal group who bring award in internasional art festival 2017

Choir youth group namely 78 Youth managed to bring the champion to five categories at once in “31st Praga Cantat 2017” in Prague, Czech Republic. The 5 categories are Gold Diploma Mixed Youth Choir, Folklore Gold Diploma, Winner Category of Mixed Youth Choir, Best Choreography, and Special Award for Competition Program: Best Program Selection.

While the choir team Grazia Vocalista managed to bring home two medals in the event “10th Orientale Concentus” in Singapore. Both medals are Gold Medal Level III Category Mixed Voices Senior Youth and Silver Level II Medal Category Folksong.
At the level of primary education, Indonesia has Junior Labschool Kebayoran Jakarta which bears the overall champion in “International Folk Dance and Music Festival Pieria Fest” in Greece. In the international event, Sama dan Zapin becomes the mainstay appearance of Junior Labschool Culture Team. Both dances are chosen because based on the assessment of them using live music instruments with interesting choreography and can be danced in a duration of 10 minutes in accordance with the criteria of folk dance.

In addition, there is also The Rezonanz Children’s Choir who won four champions in two international forums, namely “49th Tolosa Choral Contest” in Spain, and “8th Musica Eterna Roma” in Italy. At the “49th Tolosa Choral Contest” in Spain, the children’s choir team won the Children’s Category and Public Audience Awards. Then in the event “8th Musica Eterna Roma” in Italy, they become champions for Children’s Category and Gospel and Spiritual Category.

The Rezonanz Children’s Choir, One of Junior High School Art Group who gets award in Internasional Art Festival

For art gallery, there is Gema Citra Nusantara studio which also records international achievement. Gema Citra Nusantara won Gold Prize at Andong Mask Festival in South Korea. The existence of this studio has been registered at Department Culture and Museum of DKI Jakarta Province and aims to develop the art of Indonesian tradition.
Because the effort and successfully bring the international achievements and at the same time the name of Indonesia performed by the five art groups, the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) gave appreciation by holding Appreciation Night for Artistic Student Achievement in International Forum 2017. The Night of Appreciation took place at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta on Monday (4/12/2017). The 5 art groups also performed art performances by singing and dancing, bringing the dances and songs they performed during the international competition.

Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy, Director General of Culture Hilmar Farid, Art Director of Restu Gunawan, Indonesian Art Congress (KKI) committee and guests/invitee also enliven Appreciation night for artistic achievement students at International Festival 2017. In his speech, Mendikbud appreciates the students, teachers, and parents who have synergy to bring the fragrant name of Indonesia in the international arena. He also appealed to all parties to be proud as Indonesian citizens and to raise a sense of nationality.

Source: Ministry of education and cultural

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