Cahayadi Kam or Eki successfully won the prestigious music competition in Italy, All Together Now. Source: instagram/Eki – Starting the new year 2021, Indonesia again brings proud news which this time comes from the country of Gladiators, Rome, Italy. An Indonesian musician who started his career as street musician in Italy, successfully won the prestigious “All Together Now” event which is a well-known talent show in Italy. The Indonesian musician is Cahayadi Kam. Cahayadi Kam’s happiness in winning this prestigious competition was shared on his social media account @ “Starting from the bottom now here we are,” wrote Cahayadi Kam on the account @, quoted Wednesday (16/12/2020). “I love and appreciate all of you !!! All my family in Italy and the support back home in Indonesia is extraordinary !” he wrote again.

Born in Jakarta 1987, the singer who is familiarly called Eki grew up in a large family of four siblings. Tracing his social media accounts, when he was still living in Indonesia, Cahayadi Kam was quite active on various stages, and was also seen on stage with rapper Iwa K several times. One of the most famous buildings in Europe and is located in the center of Milan, Italy. Photos and videos of Cahayadi Kam’s appearance on the street are also quite easy to find on his social media accounts. “I’m just a street singer who wants to be a better singer,” wrote Eki in one of his uploads.

The reason Eki left and settled in Italy was triggered by love matters, in which Eki departed to Italy to meet his Girlfriend who is now became his wife. When he decided to move to Italy, Eki actually already had a job and a sufficient income in Jakarta. “Singing from cafe to cafe since 2004 has started singing,” said Eki, who also sang at weddings or certain events. Confused while living in Milan without a job, plus he was also not fluent in Italian, Eki finally took a walk to the city center. In front of the Duomo, one of the most famous buildings in Europe, he saw many street singers and thought to be one of the street singers. being a busker there can’t sing carelessly. They have to go through an audition, selection process.

Eki’s participation in the All Together Now competition began when the show’s team watched a video of her singing on the street. The event party finally contacted Eki and offered him to audition. Eki was hesitant about deciding what to do with the audition in Rome, while he was living in Milan and at that time the lockdown had just opened so that ticket prices increased. Finally, escorted by his Father in-laws by driving for six hours, Eki joined the audition.

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Travel between Roma and Milan during the audition from 4,000 to the Top 100, Eki was only funded by his trip when he entered the Top 30. Until now, Eki still didn’t think he could come out as a winner with a perfect 100 marks from the judges.


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