Indonesian cartoonist caricatures at the 13th Zagreb International Car Caricature Exhibition. Source:

The 13th Zagreb International Car Caricature exhibition ended on February 28, 2020. This year Indonesian cartoonist Edi Dharma won the Grand Prix Award at the exhibition. The award was given by the Mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandić and received by the Minister of Counselor of the Indonesian Embassy, ​​Ms. Elbanita Lingkan Surya Ruru, representing Edi Dharma. The theme of this year’s exhibition is ” Gas Station ” which attracts the interest of cartoonists from around the world to describe the situation of daily life at Gas Station in an intelligent and imaginative way.

Edy Dharma Indonesian cartoonist who won the Grand Prix award at The 13th Zagreb International Car Caricature exhibition. Source:

The Center for Culture and Information Maksimir, as the organizer of the event, said that 252 cartoonists from 55 countries participated in this exhibition with a total of 420 exhibited works. A total of 11 works from Indonesian cartoonists were also exhibited. In addition to winning the Grand Prix, two other Indonesian artists, Jitet Kustan and Tommy Thomdean, also received special awards (Special Recognition Award) in the exhibition.

Edi Dharma is an Indonesian cartoonist who often participates in international events and often gets international awards. One of them in the international arena, “Nation Travel Cartoon 2019”. He claimed not to have thought that his art had won and won international level achievements.

The teacher of one of the kindergarten schools in the city of Jambi is now reaping the proud results because an international event like that for the fourth time has been quoted in the cartoon competition.

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Edi Dharma’s work came out as the third best winner after defeating 150 other participants from 35 countries in the world, where the stages of the 150 participants then entered the top 20 selection stages until only three best works were selected.

Edi also mentioned that of the three works that he sent, two works that depicted children in war conflict and one work on the safety of children from his work won third place.

His best work is the theme of children entitled “Save of Children”. From this raised idea, according to him, children in Indonesia are in a dangerous capacity, especially in terms of media coverage of child crime such as predators, which can haunt the lives of children and then the dangers of drugs and promiscuity.

Through the results of his work also depicted in a large bottle in which there are children playing cool in the green grass under a tree in the developed city. While outside the bottle tells about crimes that occur at this time such as the danger of drug abuse and crimes against children.

“As a result of drugs a skull head carcass was lying under a dry tree and there is a green colored crocodile as a predator crime against children trying to get into the bottle prey on children who are busy playing,” said Edi Dharma. To complete the three works that were contested, Edi needed a short time, namely one month.

Slain cartoonist hobbyist, the man who was born in 1982 also collects hundreds of comics which according to the characters in the comics can also be a source of inspiration. Edi Dharma hopes that his success as the winner of an international competition can encourage the regeneration of cartoonists in Indonesia and especially Jambi, which in the future also expects the media to partner with cartoonists because according to him cartoonists are also the same as press products.


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