Claudia Emmanuela Santoso (right) with Alice Merton - Claudia Emmanuela Santoso Champion of 'The Voice of Germany' 2019, Bring the song "I Have Nothing" Whitney Houston in the Final

After through step by step and competing in the final round in The Voice of Germany, Claudia Emmanuela Santoso finally was able to prove to the world by bringing the championship trophy. Claudia Emmanuela Santoso won with a vote of 46.39 percent. Since the audition stage, Claudia’s performance has always astonished the judges. Famous for her strong voice and being able to reach high notes, she can conquer difficult songs, such as “Say Something”, “Never Enough” and “Listen”.

Successfully reaching the final round which was held Sunday, November 10, 2019, Claudia melodiously performed the legendary song from Whitney Houston entitled “I Have Nothing”. Touched, the jury at The Voice of Germany had time to shed tears. In fact, Alice Merton as the jury and trainer immediately hugged her when Claudia finished singing the song.

Compete with five other contestants from Germany, Claudia managed to get a vote of 46.39 percent. Whereas in the second position, with 17.36 percent was occupied by a participant named Erwin Kintop. This victory was immediately uploaded by the official Instagram account of The Voice of Germany. They uploaded Claudia’s photo by adding “Congratulations, Claudia Manuella won The Voice of Germany season 9!”

Claudia won as the winner beating other participants, namely Fidi Steinbeck, Freschta Akbarzada, Erwin Kintop and Lucas Rieger.

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More than 1000 audience gave a standing ovation when Claudia and her coach Alice Merton sang their first single titled Goodbye. The song was written by Alice based on the life story of Claudia who left her family and hometown to study in Germany. Of the three songs that were delivered by Claudia that night, all of them received a lively reception from the studio audience, even when the song was not finished singing.

Claudia, who performed many Ballad songs, appeared calm. She mastered good notes and vocal techniques. Undaunted, she was accompanied by musical instruments brought by professional musicians. She also looked relaxed competing with other candidates from Germany.

For this victory, Claudia certainly has a ticket and a steady capital to continue her career as a singer. But, of course, she must be able to prove that her musical work is able to be well received. Because, as the existing phenomena, being the winner of the talent search event alone is not enough to maintain existence to continue to take part in the music world.


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