Santo Purnama, developer of the corona virus detection tool, sensing self. Source: kumparan youtube channel, screen shot

Along with the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic (COVID – 19) which is currently a global issues that is almost felt by the world’s population, many of the world community, especially those engaged in science and health are racing against time to make a vaccine that could make this epidemic quickly end up. One of them is carried out by Indonesians who live in Silicon Valley, California, United States, Santo Purnama, which according to some information from several mainstream media, assesses successfully developing COVID-19 detection test instruments whose accuracy reaches 92%.

The Ministry of Research and Technology / National Innovation Research Agency (Kemenristek / BRIN) claimed to have known information about the corona virus independent test kit (COVID-19) developed by a businessman from Indonesia, Santo Purnama. The government hopes to develop the co-19 independent test tool in Indonesia. “We certainly want to be able to develop ourselves in the country, produce and use them,” said Acting Staff of the Ministry of Research and Technology Infrastructure, Ali Ghufron, to, Sunday, April 12, 2020.

Ghufron said the government was actually developing a rapid test kit. He said he was happy if there was cooperation or transfer of technology and support from the children of the nation. After all, the Minister of Research and Technology / Head of BRIN has also launched a collaboration program on diaspora related co-19 research.

Quoted from the official website of a senior journalist and former Minister of SOEs, Dahlan Iskan, Santo founded the Sensing Self company together with his Indian counterpart, Shripal Gandhi. Santo is an alumnus of Purdue University and majored in electrical engineering. He then continued his studies at Stanford University in California.

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Meanwhile, Santo’s colleague, Gandhi, a Mumbai University alumni in chemistry. To Dahlan, Santo told during his studies in Uncle Sam’s country, his parents only paid for half the cost. The rest, he must rack his brain and find it himself.

“But, he has a business brain as recognized by his friends,” Dahlan wrote on his website on (11/4) then. The Santo family is known to be a businessman. Brother Santo is known to have a business in nickel, coal and other business fields.

Santo refused to be called to find the rapid test tool. According to him, the device already exists. So, he only developed it. “No one person invented this. It’s like, say, tires, wheels,” he said. “People used to make wheels for 30 thousand miles – 40 thousand miles. I made those tires for 92 thousand miles,” he said jokingly.

Now, the Sensing Self company is based in Singapore. He is clearly aiming for the market to get into Indonesia. According to Santo, Self Sensing provides accurate and fast results because it uses enzyme analysis. Another alternative to the rapid test is nostril swab. However, the method, said Santo, cost more expensive, reaching Rp1.2 million in one test.

The process to analyze it took one hour. So, it is considered less efficient. In this test, users can use their blood sample and drop it into the test kit. “The presence of self-test kits such as Self Sensing can help the government to provide access to tests that are safer, practical and affordable for the wider community. When there are positive patients, they can immediately carry out independent isolation or receive treatment in hospitals,” said the man aged 45 that year. That way, he said again, medical personnel can really focus on treating COVID-19 patients with moderate to severe symptoms.


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