The first Indonesian-made submarine, KRI - Alugoro 405. Source: Screen Shot Youtube Channel/ Sekretariat Presiden

KRI Alugoro-405 became the first Indonesian-made submarine in the history of defense equipment in Indonesia. This submarine with a capacity of 45 crew was made at a shipyard owned by PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) located in Surabaya, this submarine was the first to be produced in Southeast Asia. The submarine project is part of the Indonesia-South Korea cooperation in the development of the defense equipment industry (the main tool of the weapons system). The cooperation scheme, namely the defense equipment system, was created in the two countries by requiring the State of the Republic of Indonesia to transfer technology to experts from Indonesia.

For the development of submarines, PT PAL as the SOE assigned to receive massive technology transfer makes submarines with Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME). There are 206 technicians from Indonesia involved in making this ship. Some of them were sent to South Korea in the first submarine project at the DSME shipyard.

Two other Indonesian submarines were made in South Korea, namely KRI Ardadedali 404 and KRI Nagapasa 403. Both of them are currently operated by the Indonesian Navy. Created since 2015 in Surabaya, KRI Alugoro-405 has a length of 61.3 meters, a maximum speed when diving 21 knots, and a maximum speed on the surface of 12 knots. “KRI Alugoro-405 is the third submarine of the first batch produced in cooperation with South Korea. Of course, there is technology transfer in it,” President Jokowi said while reviewing KRI Alugoro-405.

Jokowi continued, PT PAL’s success in making this submarine a milestone for Indonesia in the defense industry, so that it could gradually reduce the dependence on imported defense equipment. “I hope that at some point we can build submarines independently, by the nation’s own children,” he said.

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The PT PAL submarine development project previously received additional state investment of Rp 1.5 trillion in 2015. In addition to submarines, the two countries also agreed to develop fighter jets produced in both countries with technology transfer schemes. The Alugoro submarine will undergo various testing processes such as the Harbor Acceptance Test (HAT) and SAT. The ship with the main torpedo weapon is planned to be handed over to the Ministry of Defense for use by the Navy in December 2020.


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