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The image of Indonesia in the eyes of the world again received positive value, after yesterday Indonesia’s tourism won the title as one of the best tourist destinations in the Vakantiebeurs 2019 Exhibition in the Netherlands, now one of the cities in Indonesia has been named as one of the healthiest cities in the world. The city in question is Denpasar. The title is given from various NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) such as Euromonitor International, TripAdvisor, Yelp, to World Weather and Climate market research groups.

This achievement is based on various aspects of assessment. Reported by Antara, Head of Public Relations and Protocol of Denpasar City Dewa Gede Rai in Denpasar, Thursday, January 10, 2019, the top three healthiest cities in the world are occupied by the first City of Paris, France, followed by Chiang Mai, Thailand and Barcelona, ​​Spain. The fourth position is again occupied by Thailand, this time represented by Pattaya.

Some aspects of the assessment are the number of parks or green open spaces, gyms and fitness centers. Supermarket Travel also assesses the number of spas, yoga studios and pilates studios found in the cities assessed.

Not only that, food is also an important aspect of evaluation in compiling a list of the 10 healthiest cities in the world. Regarding food, Travel Supermarket assesses the number of healthy food stores and restaurants with vegan options in each city.

Balinesse Healthy Food

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Supermarket Travel then compares the data with the size of the city to find out the density per square kilometer. Not only that, the analysis team also calculated the amount of sun exposure per year and the average price for staying at a hotel.

“Denpasar has a number of open spaces that can be used by residents for activities. Good for yoga, sports and family recreation,” said Dewa Rai. Denpasar City has also arranged rivers, parks and issued mayor regulations to limit the use of plastic bags in supermarkets and shopping centers. “This award is certainly not solely because of government work, but the most important thing is public participation in realizing Denpasar as a healthy city,” said Dewa Rai.

May this proud achievement be an inspiration for other cities in Indonesia and even the world.


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