Diana Rikasari and her wax statue image

Everyone is free to express their expression in various ways, it is a basic human right to socialize as a being that cannot be separated from interaction. Supported by the times and the rapid development of technology in the joints of human life, human expression can be expressed through national borders. As done by a fashion activist from Indonesia who is also a blogger, Diana Rikasari.

Having talent in the world of fashion, Diana tries to express her talent through writing on a blog and distributing it online. Not only that, over time, with perseverance and passion in synergy, Diana achieved a proud achievement for her country, Indonesia. Right in February 2019, this may be the month and year that Diana will never forget throughout her life, because her figure is immortalized in the form of a wax statue displayed in historisches und völkerkunde museum in the city of St Gallen, Switzerland.

The Diana Rikasari statue will be displayed at the exhibition titled “Spiel der Kulturen” in February 2019. The statue, which is made to resemble the fashion blogger figure, was created as an icon in Asian style in terms of fashion. Later the statue will be exhibited for the next 3 years.

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Diana, who currently lives in Switzerland with her husband and two children, has been named as one of the 100 Most Influential Youth, Women, Netizens (YWN) from The Marketeers & Markplus Inc., Inspiring Women of The Year from Wardah Cosmetics, and won the award International Young Creative Entrepreneur (IYCE) from the British Council.

Achievements for other achievements were also achieved through business. Diana Rikasari has been named the youngest figure to receive a prestigious 50 FTUI figure from the University of Indonesia for her contributions in the arts and culture in Indonesia. In the regional area, Diana also won the award as Top Fashion Influencer by Influence Asia.

Diana started her passion since the beginning of 2007, At that time, she wrote on the blog address at dianarikasari.blogspot.com. Until now, she still uses those free blog address.

Even though using Blogspot is free, Diana claims to be comfortable and doesn’t want to change the address of her blog. Because from that blog can be called the beginning of Diana’s success.

Her blog is still very updated. In fact, Diana still often receives sponsors on the blog. That way, the blog is still a coffin of income for Diana. He was quite often invited to various events. Including, the most prestigious is Paris Fashion Week, a few years ago.


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