Dinar Candy when performing in Bali. Source: Screen Shot Youtube Channel Dinar Candy

Dinar Miswari or better known as Dinar Candy listed her name as the top 10 best DJs in the 2019 DjaneTop version of Asia. The ranking makes Dinar feel proud. Because she just started her career as a DJ since 2018 years ago. Dinar explained that she was judged by the action stage, the quality of music, and the many who watched her in action on the stage. the results of DjaneTop’s evaluation became her trigger, to be able to create a work that was better than before.

Dinar said that the achievement was a form of her great effort for a year to pursue techno music and act on turntables. Therefore, the sexy bodied female DJ is not only concerned with appearance when in action. She also prioritizes the quality of music, so that viewers can enjoy. “So during 2019, I always produce music abroad. I always release songs in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the United States,” she said.

Furthermore, Candy Dinar did not want to be overwhelmed by her achievements this time. Instead, the heavy burden must be borne by her to maintain or better than the achievements that have been obtained. “From there I was motivated again, oh that means I have to get better, I have to keep working like that,” Dinar Candy said.

source: dinar_candy IG

Her career as a DJ began with her colleague’s invitation to go to a nightclub. Starting from visiting a nightclub, Dinar got an offer to become a DJ. Not thinking long, Dinar immediately began DJing courses, until finally she played at a club and got an offer for recording in Jakarta.

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Arriving in Jakarta, Dinar recorded three songs. Dinar also had appeared on several television. But unfortunately, after the album was released, Dinar was left behind by a band boy who had escorted her to the world of entertainment. Now Dinar Candy has successfully become a female DJ.

Not only successful as a DJ, Dinar Candy is now also a model in several magazines. An increasingly sky-high career made Dinar Candy flooded with job offers. Now the name Dinar Candy is better known as a sensational DJ. Her name has also become a public spotlight on the international scene.

The name Dinar Candy was ranked second in the list of DJ Hot Asia in the EDMDroid version, a media-based in Malaysia.


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