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One of the big cities in Indonesia once again won an international award. This award comes from at the Sustainable Transport Award 2020 or the world-level urban transportation awards announced in Fortaleza, Brazil. The big city is none other than the capital city of Indonesia, DKI Jakarta, which this year received an honorable award or ‘Honorable Mention’.

This award was given by the Committee of Sustainable Transport Award. Based on the release of The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) Indonesia, Thursday (6/27), the award was obtained by the City of Jakarta for its efforts in developing the BRT and TransJakarta systems.

Jakarta is considered successful in increasing the number of passengers to 200 percent less than 3 years, as well as pedestrian facilities, access to stations and public transport stops. In addition, Jakarta was also considered successful in integrating the BRT system with microbus services (angkot) and the presence of the first MRT to provide additional modes of public transportation for residents of Jakarta.

Jakarta also succeeded in improving pedestrian facilities and access to stations, and public transport stops, as well as creating hubs to integrate all modes of public transportation.

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Unmitigated, Jakarta immediately entered the nomination with 12 cities from various countries in the world, such as Richmond (USA), San Jose (Costa Rica), Kingston (Canada), Bogota (Colombia), and so on. Jakarta then shot into the semifinal stage until finally occupying the top 3 position with Pune (India) and Kigali (Rwanda).

The city of Pune, India, was awarded the overall title of the Sustainable Transport Award 2020. Pune successfully implemented the concept of ‘Complete Streets’, a road design space that accommodates all the needs of road users. Be it pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, as well as safe access for users of public transportation.

This city with a population of 3 million has also implemented a bike sharing program with a total fleet of 4,000 bicycles. The Pune City Government has also committed to pouring 50 percent of the regional budget into the construction and improvement of pedestrian, cyclist and bus infrastructure.

Pune and Jakarta will be awarded at a ceremony during the Sustainable Transport Award in Washington, DC in January 2020. In addition, Pune was also announced as the host of MOBILIZE 2020, organized by ITDP and supported by Volvo Research and Education Foundations.

The Sustainable Transport Award was held since 2005, awarding cities in the world that implement innovative strategies on sustainable urban transportation issues, such as mass transportation systems, pedestrian and cyclical facilities, and parking management.

ITDP is one of the Committee of Sustainable Transport Awards with 9 other organizations, such as the World Bank and World Resources Institute.


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