Indonesian Ribs Dish, Iga Penyet

Meat-based foods are very tempting. In the hands of the right chef, this processed meat can be a dish with a very high taste value. If the beef is usually processed into steak, stuffing kebab, or stuffing hamburger, in Indonesia has its own distinctive taste in processing beef into a dish that is very indulgent pampering your tongue. If you are on holiday to Indonesia, feel and enjoy the typical Indonesian beef culinary Iga Penyet.
Iga Penyet is Indonesian cuisine that is precisely where comes from East Java region consisting of beef ribs fried beef served with a spicy chili paste. This food was first popular in the city of East Java Surabaya and now has spread throughout Indonesia. The name Penyet comes from the Java language which means “crushed”. This refers to the ribs that are crushed and crushed slightly with the sauce before serving.

One of the places to eat that serves Indonesian cuisine is Warung Leko, the specialist restaurant of Iga Penyet. Warung Leko is the name of the cow ribs specialist restaurant that was established since 2006 ago in Surabaya by Yusuf D. Lindra. For your info, Surabaya is a city that has a typical Penyet food. There are chicken penyet, tofu and tempeh penyet, fish penyet and the other Penyets dish. But of all Penyets dish, Iga Penyet has its own uniqueness.

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The ribs are a piece of beef that comes from the meat around the ribs. This section includes the eight main parts of the usual beef consumed. All of these ribs can consist of several ribs of about 6 to 12. The ribs that will be consumed can consist of two to seven ribs. Processing to making Iga Penyet menu is firstly stewing until tender, then ribs soaked with seasoning and fried. Well, what makes it special is the chili sauce that characterizes. Its specialty lies in shrimp paste. If you do not like too spicy, for the sauce you can order as desired.

For those of you who do not like chili paste, can choose other ribs menu, like hotplate ribs. These ribs are seasoned with soy sauce and baked on a hotplate plate. It tastes sweet. It is suitable for children. Or if you want gravy, can choose fried ribs. The ribs are sprinkled with panir flour and then fried, then eaten with gravy sauce similar to meatball sauce. Of course, there are also ribs soup as a complement.

Each ribs menu, for 1 portion consists of three pieces of ribs. So, if you eat with friends or family, you can order with a different menu so that they can share. A portion of rib menu sold Rp 29.500, except ribs hotplate and Penyet muscle menu Rp 39.500 per serving. For the vegetables, this food stall provides many options, including scrambled kangkung (water spinach), plain bean sprouts, and sprouts scrambled tripe.

Warung leko as an authentic restaurant to serving Indonesian cuisine Iga Penyet, already have branches, especially in Surabaya and Jakarta. But if you want to feel an authentic taste of ribs with the taste first made, you can visit Surabaya precisely on Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V No. 9, Manyar, Surabaya.
So, are you going to include Indonesia on your agenda for this year’s culinary tour?

Reference: Kompas

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