FIDE world champion 2018 G10 World Cadet Chess Championships, Samantha Edithso

After the end of June 2018 was crowned as the youngest world champion in the chess competition in Belarus, Samantha Edithso has now made the Indonesian name admired by the world after successfully becoming the world champion of the classic FIDE World Cadet Chess Championships 2018 G10 (10-year-old). The G10 Classic Chess World Championship was held in Compostela, Spain.

In the championship which was attended by 851 kids chess players from 86 countries, Samantha who dropped in the U10 number managed to excel from her opponents. Under Samantha, there is Alexandra Shvedova from Russia who won 8.5 points and Chinese chess player Yining Chen who also won 8.5 points.

Samantha made sure to win the world title, on Friday morning (11/16/2018) Indonesian time, according to a written statement PB account of the Indonesian Chess Association (Percasi). In the statement, Percasi also mentioned Samantha “Dramatically won the world title.”

Samantha, who is currently 10 years old, defeated Russian chess player Alexandra Shvedova. The Samantha vs Shvedova di Compostela fight takes place on Thursday 15 November 2018. Samantha takes 5 hours to conquer Shvedova, who was previously the leader of the table in the G10 Classic Chess World Championship.

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However, the winner of the 2018 FIDE World Cadet Chess Championships must wait for the results of the derby between two Chinese chess players: Zhou Yafei vs Chen Yining who both have 8 points.

Zhou Yafei is a chess player who defeated Samantha in the ninth round. It turned out that the two Chinese chess players were playing seriously, until finally the results were drawn. With this result, Samantha won the world title automatically.

“If only Chen Yining would succumb to [unsportsmanlike play], then it could be ascertained that Zhou Yafei who defeated Samantha in the ninth round would appear as world champion,” said Percasi.

Samantha’s achievement this time adds to the world title owned by the 10-year-old chess player. In July 2018, Samantha also won the Under-10 Women’s World Champion at the Fast Chess World Championship, in Minks, Belarus.

For Samantha, this victory at the world level is his second victory, after in June, the Bandung chess player won the 2018 U-10 FIDE World Championship, which took place in Minks, Belarus.


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