Dzaki Sukarno Indonesian Musician who winning a Golden Ticket at American Idol Season 19. Source: screenshot Talent Recap youtube channel – The season 19 American Idol music competition which began on February 14, 2021, brought proud news to Indonesian music lovers, that there were of Indonesian descent who participated and immediately received a Golden Ticket from the judges. He is Dzaki Sukarno, a 20-year-old man who performed the song “Good As You” and managed to amaze the famous musicians of America Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan who at that time was the judge. Before singing in front of the judges, previously Dzaki auditioned virtually with the Zoom application.

Dzaki Sukarno lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States. Apart from singing, he is also still in college as a student at the State University of New Mexico (New Mexico State University) majoring in Agricultural Business. In addition, he also worked in the agricultural industry and was part of the United States Air Force.

In an interview with VOA Indonesia, he got to know the music for the first time from his parents. His father liked to play the guitar and his mother often sang Indonesian songs. “You play, like guitar, so I heard him playing. You sing like Melly Goeslaw or ST12, my parents always support me,” he said.

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He also said that his parents always supported him in his musical career. Even Dzaki Sukarno said his father had cried when he passed the American Idol audition. “I never told you, that’s why when he got the golden ticket, it was surprising for me. I am very happy. If he wants to continue in the military, okay. While playing with the music, that’s okay too,” said M. Eko Sukarno, Dzaki Sukarno’s father. in the same interview.

Currently, Dzaki Sukarno admits that he is very interested in the country music genre. “Country music is like my world, my family raises animals, I used to go to country fairs, I went to rodeos,” he said.

When asked if he listens to Indonesian songs, Dzaki Sukarno also mentioned a number of names. He admits listening to Melly Goeslaw, ST12, and Peterpan. As a child, he also listened to Cowboy Junior.



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