Es Pisang Ijo (Green Banana Ice) unique Indonesian dessert

Known as a tropical country with an average temperature level of 26ͦ – 36ͦ Celsius makes Indonesia presents many variants of fresh and cool desserts to be enjoyed amidst hot temperatures. Indonesia is not the name if the culinary does not serve a sweet taste, especially in the dessert dish. Of the many favorite desserts in Indonesia, es pisang ijo (Green banana ice) is one of the many desserts that are often enjoyed by local people and foreign tourists.

Green banana is a typical food in South Sulawesi, especially in the city of Makassar. This food is made from the main ingredients of bananas wrapped with green flour dough. How to cook it by steaming in the cormorant. The dough is made from flour, water, and green food color made from a mixture of water with suji or pandan leaves.

Es pisang ijo served with shaved ice, syrup flavored ambon banana, and sauce of coconut milk to taste. If the banana in the green dough is cut into pieces, in a bowl of iced banana ice creates a festive color: green, yellow, pink, and white. The taste of es pisang ijo is a blend of the legit of banana, tasteful of mush porridge, the sweetness of the syrup, entirely shrouded in fresh cold ice shaved.

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If you are visiting Indonesia and are in Makassar South Sulawesi, there is one place that is famous for its delicacy of es pisang ijo, Pisang Ijo Bravo, that is the famous banana ijo place in Makassar. Its position, at Jalan Andalas no 154, Makassar. Taste the delicious taste of es pisang ijo that tasted cold and sweet from one of Indonesia’s culinary riches.

Pisang Ijo Bravo, the most popular es pisang ijo place in makassar

Served in a small dish container. Accompanied by one serving of two types of snack desserts, jalangkote (typical Makassar culinary snacks that look similar to pastries) and spring rolls. The simplicity of its presentation invites the tastes of the connoisseur to quench the thirst.
Sensation that tasted tongue feels so crowded. Biting the chewy of flour and rice flour. Enjoy the delicious banana itself.

Jalangkote. dishes usually enjoyed with es pisang ijo
Spring roll, a dish usually enjoyed with es pisang ijo

Instead you only imagine the sweetness and enjoyment alone, it never hurts you come and taste the softness of the cold and sweet taste of this es pisang ijo that only exist in Indonesia.

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