Rahmatuzzahrah Hayatina Indonesian student won 3rd place in the FCCLA event in the United States. Source: diskominfotik bengkalis

Valley Mills High School’s Family Career and Community Leader of America (FCCLA) event will be the proudest moment for this Indonesian girl, Rahmatuzzahrah Hayatina. The girl who is familiarly called Ara became one of the 3 best of the event which was held on Friday, February 14, 2020. In the event that competed in the ability of public speaking, Ara presented 55 slides, with a very limited amount of time which is 10 minutes. Nevertheless, Ara was able to answer a number of questions thrown by the judges.

Rahmatuzzahra Hayatina (veiled) in the middle of the FCCLA participants. source: halloriau.com

For this achievement, in the next April 2020, Ara will take part in a higher level, namely the state level. Ara, stay in the land of Uncle Sam since July 29, 2019 ago, in order to attend the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange & Study (KL YES) program. The KL-YES program is a full scholarship program provided by the United States Department of State for high school students or equivalent to live with an American family, and attend local high school for one year.

The type of competition that was followed by level three Public Policy Advocate, when appearing at the prestigious event, Ara discussed the theme of smoking, with case studies that took place in Indonesia, and the solution.

Why does the theme taken at this prestigious event bring the theme of cigarettes? Ara explained, armed with experience during joining the children’s forum in the Sub-District of Pinggir, she was equipped with the phenomenon of smoking into a habit in Indonesia, and even has spread to children.

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Mentioned about the preparation to appear at the prestigious event, It is said that the daughter of the couple of Masdar and Umi Masrorotin, to participate in this event, she was guided by Mrs. Kimberly Jones. “So since the beginning of the semester (January) Ara began making material that would be used and assisted by him,” she explained.

When she first wanted to appear in front of hundreds of participants, Ara claimed she was not sure of winning, because competing with all native Americans with English need not be doubted.

“It seems difficult for Ara to speak English formally using grammar. Although during Indonesia, Ara always spoke during the children’s forum outreach in Indonesian and in front of people, but not in front of native Americans and using English, “she said.


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