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If you are a vegetarian and at the same time you are in Indonesia, do not get confused and do not panic when you choose foods that can support your healthy life as a vegetarian. It is no secret that Indonesia is identical with gravy food, greasy, and fatty. However, do you know that Indonesia has many healthy foods especially for a vegetarian like you? One of the mainstays of food for vegetarians in Indonesia is Gado – Gado.

Gado – gado is one of Indonesia’s healthy food derived from the Betawi tribe in Jakarta in the form of boiled vegetables and mixed together, with peanut or peanut sauce and mashed with egg slices and in general many additions boiled potatoes which have been mashed to make Gado – gado sauce, then boiled potatoes cooked with peanut sauce and then topped with fried onions. Etymologically, Gado – gado is all of a kind that is a mixture of various elements. For example, the Gado – gado language to say a mixed language. Gado – gado weddings are for two brides who have different ethnic, religious, or racial backgrounds. Gado – gado may also be a term people to say Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or Kind of religiosity. But whatever the name, Gado – gado is a wealth of Indonesian culinary which eventually gave birth to new variants in some areas, such as cultural acculturation.

Variant of Gado – gado

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Each region in Indonesia presents it in a unique way in accordance with the typical of each region – each of which makes healthy food Indonesia has a variety of flavor variants. If the original Gado – gado consists only of peanut sauce, eggs, and other vegetables, Gado – gado in other areas as in Java usually add spices like kencur (Alpinia officinarum) and some tofu and bakwan (Indonesian fried meal consisting of vegetables and batter) pieces.
Gado – gado is very easy to find in various parts of Jakarta. The savory taste of the peanut seasoning is quite populist, so it is liked every layer of society. Naturally if then, this dish spread to many areas in Indonesia. Even so popular, many foreigners know him as one of the ‘carte du jour’ or culinary list that must be tried when visiting Indonesia. However, each Gado – gado lovers usually has its own reference about the favorite location, both in terms of taste and atmosphere.

Because made from vegetables, Gado – gado is an Indonesia healthy food with high fiber and vitamin content. Keep in mind is how to cook it, so the vitamins contained in it is not lost. Tips, first let the water boil first before the vegetables are included. Boil it not too long so that vitamins do not dissolve in the water. For green vegetables, so that the color does not fade, give a little salt on cooking water.

Peanut is a major component of spice Gado – gado, approximately whether good for health. People often worry about the fat contained in peanuts as a source of cholesterol and bad fats. Finding out that peanut content is rich in fat, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, lecithin, choline and vitamins (A, E, B and K). Its protein content is much higher than meat, egg, and soya. Peanuts contain Omega 3 which is polyunsaturated and Omega 9 which is a monounsaturated fat. In one ounce of peanuts, there are 18 grams of Omega 3 and 17 grams of Omega 9.

Plants contained in gado – gado is include of the tribe of Fabaceae have high phytosterol content that can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. How to withstand the absorption of cholesterol from foods circulated in the blood and reduce the absorption of cholesterol from the liver, while maintaining HDL cholesterol. Based on research, consuming an ounce of peanuts five times a week can prevent heart disease.

What about other ingredients, such as eggs and coconut milk. The polyunsaturated fats contained in coconut milk are omega 3 fats, omega 6 fats, and monounsaturated fats. Empirically and in character the same as the fat contained in peanut. But that need to watch out for saturated yolk saturated fat. If you want healthy herbs, egg yolks can be removed or replaced with other appendages such as tofu, and tempeh.

So, have you put Gado – gado into your culinary list that you will try?

Reference: Dananwahyu

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