The look of teasing ice nona

If you visit the city of Pontianak is one of the major cities in Indonesia, make sure you do not miss the legendary special drink from the city, named Ice Nona (Lady). From the name, we can imagine how beautiful this ice drink. Ice Nona is a legendary ice drink from the city of Pontianak. Drinks are also often used as a dessert contains papaya that has been soaked in lime water so that the texture is crunchy, cassava tapai, red beans, tapioca pearls, and sometimes added jackfruit and pieces of bread. Later, the ingredients will be given shaved ice syrup and sweetened condensed milk as a topping. A glimpse of ice nona is very similar to the typical doger ice Bandung. The difference is in the field and the ice is used.

This ice nona has an interesting look, with pink shaved ice and various stuffing. The addition of sweetened condensed milk poured over the shaved ice made it even more delicious. The sweet taste is very suitable to accompany your enjoy time and very fit if drunk during the day. The reason the drink is called ice nona is not yet known for certain, many versions that tell it. Some say the drink mix is inspired by the sweet and gentle nature of women. There is also a saying if this drink was formerly sold by a girl who is familiarly called ‘nona’ so that his call turned into ice nona.

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Ice nona is usually sold in meatball stalls and noodles or restaurants that serve Pontianak specialties. Ice drinks are commonly preserved in glass or glass bowls. When using glass cups are usually inserted spoons are looming high. Miss ice prices vary, depending on the location of the purchase. You can enjoy a glass of sweet ice and sweet with a price range Rp 9,000 – Rp 13,000.

Not enough you just see and imagine it, come to Pontianak, West Kalimantan, to be able to enjoy the beautiful and sweet drinks legendary typical of this Pontianak city. In addition to Ice nona who became a mainstay culinary in Pontianak, if lucky you will also find a typical Pontianak culinary that is no less delicious flavor.


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