Indonesian Traditional Beverage, Wedang Ronde

Unlike the country which has 4 seasons, Indonesia has only two seasons: drought and rain. But because it only has 2 seasons, did not rule out Indonesia has a culinary type that serves as a warmer body, one of which is best known to the people of Indonesia is wedang ronde.
Wedang Ronde is one of traditional beverage in Indonesia which is identical as body warmer. Most Indonesian people enjoy this dish at night or during the rainy season. Serving this beverage using hot water and using a mixture of various components that are made like spheres in wedang. Wedang itself is the Java language which means brewed drinks, while Ronde is a traditional Chinese food with the original name Tāngyuán.

Wedang Ronde is actually a traditional food from China called tangyuan. Tangyuan is made from glutinous rice, mixed with water, stuffed, molded, and boiled. For the stuffing itself, from some types of wedang ronde there are using peanuts, some use brown sugar only, and in some places there are not providing stuffing at all. In China, this drink is eaten when there is a festival of Lunion / Yuanxiao festival. Ronde in China is usually eaten along with the family, some say that round Ronde shape symbolizes family togetherness.

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In China, Ronde has 2 names. The northern Chinese people call it by the name of Yuanxiao (derived from the Festival name), while the southern Chinese people prefer to call it tangyuan (meaning round ball in soup). The Round presentation in these two sections also varies. In southern China, Ronde is served sweet with peanut paste, sugar, sesame, while in northern China, Ronde is served with salted meat or vegetable stuffing, added ingredients in soups or vegetables.

Semarang Wedang Ronde
Yogyakarta Wedang Ronde

In Indonesia itself, Ronde is very famous in Java, especially the city of Semarang. The number of Chinese in Semarang is the reason for the birth of Ronde acculturation in Indonesia. Round in Indonesia is served sweet, a round bowl consists of Ronde, slices of bread, fro, and roasted peanuts, then doused with sweet hot ginger sauce. Round is usually sold at night. Round is the most enjoyable enjoyed at night, especially after a day of rain.
If you want to enjoy the warm sensation of this traditional Indonesian drink, it would not hurt you to try it when you visit Indonesia, especially Semarang and Yogyakarta the easiest you can find the wedang ronde sellers.

Display of sales wedang ronde

There is nothing wrong with making your own in the winter season in your country.


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