Fierrany Halita, Young Indonesian Animator

Film is one of the instruments used as an attraction or soft power in a country. There is an assumption that the better of the quality of a film, the high appreciation of movie lovers will also get to the origin of the film-making country. Including Indonesia which is now increasingly active in producing various good quality films for the release for commercial interest and to participate in the prestigious competition of film competition.

The Indonesian film industry should be proud of one of the talented young animators Fierrany Halita. Due to her skills and talents, Fierrany Halita succeeded in bringing her country to the grand prize for the F-Kids category at the International Festival of Sustainable Development Film held at the Bratislava mayor’s office in Slovakia last weekend. The film succeeded in defeating 1300 films from various countries and became one of the winners of 86 films that can enter the competition at the film festival in Slovakia. The film is titled Aquiescence
Counselor of Information, Social, and Culture Indonesian embassy Bratislava, Lely Meiliani, said the award to the winners for this category was given by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and received by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Slovakia, Adiyatwidi Adiwoso on Friday (4 / 5) then. Adiyatwidi represents Fierrany Halita who can not attend the awards ceremony. Even so, Fierrany expressed his gratitude for the appreciation of his work through recording.

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Fierrany admitted to not expecting that her work received the main award. She also said that this film is the first work of her final assignment as a student of Visual Communication Design Animation at Binus University.

For Your Info that earlier this Aquiescence Movie also won Best Animation and Co-Best Film 2017 in the Short Film Festival ReelOzInd. The festival brings together filmmakers from Australia and Indonesia in hopes of highlighting bilateral mutual struggles and friendships. In addition, there are about seven other local and international film awards that have also won.
Broadly speaking, the movie Aquiescence is a short animated film that tells the story of Fig, the magical banyan tree that survived the events that caused him to lose friends and surroundings. Fig tries to adapt to his new environment, but change never stops, like a never-ending cycle. Fig bears witness to all the changes; for every halo and goodbye.

This movie is not like the animated films in general, where the role of the character is more active in the common film. However, Aquiescence takes the point of view of its surroundings, in this case is Fig.

Fierrany claimed to choose to tell the story from a tree perspective because the tree has a deep meaning throughout the ages.

Humans often see the tree as a symbol of strong growth, death, and rebirth. Trees also have a longer life than humans, some live for thousands of years so the tree is often regarded as a symbol of immortality and fertility.

Fierrany wants to convey the message of what it’s like to be a tree, to be something immutable, that can see every change without being able to do anything.

She pervaded it as an individual human being. She said people can not really do anything to change the whole world. For example, when humans see how modern technology evolves and although it wants to prevent it from developing further, humans may never outperform technology, forever – all that can be done is adaptable.


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