Sakdiyah Maruf, The most influential woman in the world ranks 54

Being a person that is beneficial to others is not an easy matter, moreover the negative side of every human being makes people reluctant to do something useful for others but only for themselves. Like prestige, naivety, feels the ablest to do everything, the things like this that prevent people from doing things that are useful for others. However, this woman has her own way to share inspiration with others, namely through humor. She is Sakdiyah Ma’ruf, a comic whose name is included in the list of 100 BBC inspirational and influential women in the world in 2018. In the list, Sakdiyah is at number 54.

Sakdiyah is known as the first female single Muslim comedian from Indonesia who uses comedy as a way to oppose Islamic extremism and violence against women. Sakdiyah herself began to become a comic since attending college in 2009. She then began appearing on TV since 2011. She also received the Vaclav Havel International Prize for Creative Dissent 2015 award.

The woman from Pekalongan, East Java, received the award for fighting terrorism in a creative way. Invited in the Hitam Putih program hosted by Deddy Corbuzier in May 2017, Diyah said that she also had received criticism from people expressing her views through stand-up comedy.
Previously, in a 2015 interview with BBC News Indonesia about the radical and moderate face of the Indonesian Arab descendants, through the comedy stage, Sakdiyah often voiced her anxiety about the radical attitude shown by some citizens of Arab descent in Indonesia.

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“In the post-reform era, we faced a minority of Arab descendants whose voices were loud, including radical and fundamentalist groups,” Sakdiyah said at the time. She also did not deny that some young people of Arab descent were interested in ISIS ideology. “The Arab community is more easily connected than other people – with people in the Middle East. This is because the geopolitical situation is melting,” she said in a half-analysis. “Some of these Indonesian Arabs then sought new references,” she continued. “This is where the trans-national issue finds its place”. But Sakdiyah believes that the number of young Arabs who are interested in Islamic radicalism is small.

Until now the theme of conservatism is still Sakdiyah’s concern in reviewing material to be expressed on stage. But now Sakdiyah acknowledges that there are difficulties she faces in exploring these themes.

As a comedian, the issue of women’s issues becomes material that is often delivered by Sakdiyah while on stage, including about the body of women, including the matter of the hijab. Other themes explored by Sakdiyah included the question of her religious identity, the rise of the fundamentalist movement, and the question of liberalism.

Through the women included in the list of 100 Women, there are many themes explored, including the issue of using anger to encourage action and lifting a forgotten female figure from the shadows of history.
Women who are selected are diverse, from 15 to 94 years and come from 60 countries. They are leaders, breakers, and heroes in everyday life.

The top rank is occupied by 33-year-old Nigerian social entrepreneur Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin because she founded GirlsCoding, an NGO that teaches women how to code, design, and build sites to help solve problems in their communities.


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