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Maybe apart from natural wealth and cultural diversity, one of the most known by the world about Indonesia is Agnes Monica or who is more often called Agnez Mo. In the world of music and fashion, the name Agnez Mo has no doubt especially after releasing the latest single Coke Bottle and Overdose and added that her name was recorded in one of the popular American fashion magazine the Rogue Magazine. Now Agnez Mo is again making a new history as a talented Indonesian native singer whose work successfully entered the Billboard music chart in the United States.

No half-hearted Overdose songs fall into four different categories and Agnez Mo has made history as the first Indonesian singer whose songs can pass four Billboard charts at once. The happy news was uploaded by Agnez Mo herself to her personal Instagram account on Monday, November 19, 2018.


The song was also able to surpass Maroon 5 and Mariah Carey on the R & B / Hip-Hop Airplay charts and Top 40 Rhythmic Songs. Quoted from the Billboard page, Wednesday (11/21/2018), “Overdose” who became a newcomer to the Rhythmic Songs chart, ranked 38th, one ranking above the song “Girls Like You” owned by Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B. While on the stairs The R & B / Hip-Hop Airplay song, Agnez Mo’s international song is ranked second on Mariah Carey’s single titled “With You”. Based on Billboard data, “Overdose” for the first time was ranked 43 in R & B / Hip-Hop Airplay. Last week from November 12 to the present, the single has climbed to 36th position.

Agnez Mo Billboard Album Award Duet with Chris Brown

R & B / Hip-Hop Airplay summarizes the 50 songs that most listeners are interested in when playing on radio networks in the US. Meanwhile, for the Rhythmic Songs charts, “Overdose” is still a newcomer. This chart contains the top 40 played on radio stations that play R & B / hip-hop songs, rhythmic pop songs, and several dance songs. The “Overdose” video clip was released on September 13, 2018, and has been watched by more than 10 million times.

This achievement made Agnez Mo unable to resist celebrating. Through one of the photos she uploaded, the singer, whose real name is Agnes Monica Muljoto, claimed to be celebrating just by eating a Philadelphia donut.

“Me celebrating with a couple of Philly donuts … # Philadelphia,” Agnez Mo wrote along with the photo, Tuesday (11/13/2018).


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